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2013 Expo

4th Ideal Interiors Expo billed a success



The recently held 4th Ideal Interiors Expo has been billed a success. Industry players who talked to the organizers said the event, which was moved to the KICC from The Village Market, had exceeded the expectations of both the exhibitors and the visitors.
“I consider this the most successful edition of the Ideal Interiors Expo so far,”says Shahin Rajwani, who is the MD of Spiegel Interiors. “Previous editions have been excellent, but this has surpassed them in terms of quality exhibition set-up and visitor profile. The sky is the limit for the Ideal Interiors Expo.”
Just like Shahin, other exhibitors shared similar sentiments, including Nishit Mediratta, who is the Commercial Director who said the event was a key eye opener, and has set the stage for class and quality in the interiors industry. He said exhibitors learnt the need to show the market exactly their capacity and capability to deliver quality products and services that are constantly yearned for by interiors stakeholders.
The event featured different companies exhibiting their products and services, but with an experiential factor that was breathtaking and appealing to the visitors. The wow factor exemplified by the practical nature of the exhibition stands, which featured the real products and services when applied in a real project, was a significant highlight of the event.
“In this edition, exhibitors have given their all by constructing their stalls to feature exactly how their products would be used in a real life scenario,” says the event director, Humphrey Odhiambo. “This means the standards of the exhibition are rising, and it’s a welcome gesture that should be sustained. This truly was a remarkable event.”
Jeniffer Mbogori, who is the Marketing director, reckons that in upcoming editions of the show, the Ideal Interiors Expo will strongly feature firms that are willing to show their prospective clientele how to apply their products and services, a point-on experience that will ensure the industry showcases the best of the best. This, she says, was only the raising of the tempo in what is being seen by pundits as a positive move in the right direction.
The five-day event attracted many participants across the region, who were keen to meet face to face with interiors stakeholders and firms that are setting the tempo in the East African interiors industry.
The event was held against the backdrop of a slugging economic environment that was largely as a result of the March 4, 2013 general elections. The organizers reckon that the event would have been much more successful if the environment was a bit more stable.
Both visitors and exhibitors say the look forward to the 5th Ideal Interiors Expo next year, which the organizers are already working on. Real Wealth Ltd has been organizing and managing the event since its inception in 2010.