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Edition 12

7 trends on ultra-modern furniture



Decorating your house is a nice thing to do. However, you may want to get a clue from the next trends prediction. You do not have to follow the trends, but you can use it as inspiration and keep your style and being so updated as well in the same time.

Fabric Prints

Patterns become important accent in interior design. You will find several kinds like geometric, symbol, and also floral patterns will take a big part on the design. It can be on wallpapers, rugs and carpets, or on furniture cover and material. It makes a definition on owner character as well.


Yellow with the variation will dominate the interior design. The variations will be around reddish yellow, greenish yellow, and also brown. The combination will be around emerald green, turquoise, purple, and also deep blue colour.

Eco Friendly

Being eco friendly, we will find many furniture and interior details that are already old but reuse, recycle, and repurpose on excellent look as well. It means you do not have to throw away your old furniture.

Traditional and Natural

Several traditional designs are on high demand again. People like to have this beautiful traditional look once again so several shapes on interior designs and furniture will go on this line. People will also prefer on natural material like wood.

Tufted Furniture

This is already on high demand. Sofas, chairs, beds, and armchairs are now tufted. Considering development on recent interior and furniture trends, this one is quite revolutionary and innovative. It gives brand new breath and different look.

Themed Furnishing

People like to make the entire things go on the same theme and design. Beside it looks consistent; our eyes get a great view and pleasing sight inside a room. Use your won theme to make it unique and different.

Classic and Modern Mix

Try to use classic furniture and combine it with modern fabric. For example, you can use old style sofa that is covered with abstract patterned fabric.

There are still many other trends that are predicted to be a hit in the future very soon. You can forget and ignore them, but you can also use them to make your own perfect style and touch. Explore more and be brave so you can get the best look inside your house and buildings.