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Edition 09

Adventurous Alessi precision



Karibu Italy ProductsThe selection of the very best is indeed the adventurous precision that speaks of all the carefully selected top brands displayed at Karibu Italy with the main areas of business comprising; Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom fittings and household accessories.

Of the top brands at Karibu Italy is Alessi. Incidetally, Alessi is a company renowned for its unique ability to create the finest in contemporary design in different product types, styles, and price levels. The company presently offers the entire product range under the three brands. These comprise the OFFICINA ALESSI, A di ALESSI and ALESSI.

Karibu Italy ProductsThe OFFICINA ALESSI features products that are more refined, expensive, experimental and innovative, with small production runs and limited editions, while the brand A di ALESSI presents what we call “democratic” design; the best in design at an affordable price. The brand ALESSI expresses the finest in large scale industrial production in the house-ware sector; both in terms of the quality of manufacturing and design.

Karibu Italy Products