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Antarc Limited




Antarc Limited

With over 20 years of service, ANTARC has maintained its top position as the leading flooring & furniture lifestyle store not only in Kenya but in East Africa as a whole.

At ANTARC we believe that you’re not only buying quality Flooring & Furniture for your home or office; you’re buying inspiration as well. We’ve spared no efforts in getting you the most exquisite Flooring, Furniture and Home Décor solutions, only from globally renowned brands.

But what really separates us from the rest is the important attachment we place on affordability and on superior customer service.


Visit us and let our team turn your Dream to Reality!


Contact Person: Sawan K. Shah

Contact Details:

Kellico Complex, 1st Floor, Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Antarc Building, No. 62, Muthithi Road, Westlands.

Telephone: 020 503 5000, 0733/4 503 500

E:Mail: Website: