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Antarc tacks enviable elegance



Undoubtedly setting the pace in steady countrywide showroom expansion, Antarc Office & Home Furniture – a leading store has strived to fashion interiors of impeccable charm and refinement, inspired by the contemporary sense of comfort and elegance.

The Antarc brand dotted across major towns reflects the satisfaction of not just about selling products, but rather a lifestyle. Having studied the furniture country’s furniture market, the firm has over the years taken a step back to a time when skilled artisans made furniture with such enviable precision and pride to meet the highest standards of excellence.

“We travel the world for new and inspirational ideas. All our exclusively selected products radiate style, harmony and atmosphere,” says Mr. Ashit Shah, the firm’s managing director. He stresses that Antarc’s aim is to satisfy a growing demand for high quality furniture at affordable prices. The exercise of expansion will therefore strategically proceed in the country.

Taking cognizance that today’s business of displaying furniture has evolved, the Antarc leadership team has pressed on not only the showroom size but connection with customers as a display of elegance at soaring showrooms.

Expanding wings

Since commencing operations in 1996 with the vision to become one of the leading suppliers of imported office and home furniture in Kenya the company has evidently lived to its billing. This is depicted with its strategic investment on expanding its wings in other towns across the country besides Nairobi.

The splendid and spacious showrooms, along Mombasa Road and Muthithi Road in Nairobi plus lately another showstopper in Eldoret makes a statement of a comfortable lifestyle that Antarc is offering at both domestic and formal settings.  Its new stores along Muthithi Road in Westlands as well as in Eldoret have succeeded in creating a retail experience like no other in the furniture industry.

In keeping with its strive for excellence and satisfying customers, Antarc embarked on an ambitious expansion of its presence of stores almost two years ago. This major spread of its wings and revamp process in the vast showrooms continue to reap a two way reward. The benefit is both to the customer and Antarc which has since its inception has been an inspirational and indispensable resource for curious and confident home and office stylists. The firm continues to define and redefine what it means for such spaces to be lively at their best.

Essential for great taste

Since Antarc has engaged some interior designers, its brand resonates well with the customers. It personifies that “extra 10%” that clients yearn for in all areas of their life considering that it represents the essential for great taste and all matters of style.

By offering the customer a wide range of furniture products ranging from Executive Office Furniture, Modular Office Furniture, Conference Tables to Seating Solutions and Cabinets from some of the world renowned suppliers Antarc has stayed at the top of the furniture business curve. “We also invest in Home furniture including Sofas Sets, Beds, Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, garden furniture as well as Home Interior Décor Accessories.

Among the latest of the hottest home-furniture seller products in the market is the La-Z-Boy furniture collection which is synonymous with comfort and quality. The La-Z-Boy brand, has dramatically evolved since it was first introduced in 1928 in America.  The recliner seat has grown to include a myriad of pieces and styles notes Mr. Shah.

Known for elegance

According to the CEO the Antarc, despite being a leading brand in the furniture industry will not tire in its efforts in continuing to build the brand.  “We are known for elegance” quips Mr. Shah adding: “We are confident that so many decisive buyers value quality and they’ll therefore continue trooping to Antarc as here they can expect to get professional service, quality products and experienced technical and after sales service professionals.  Also, there are options to suit everyone’s pocket.”

He explains that running a company of Antarc’s stature is no mean feat and therefore requires sound business sense, periodic staff training and focused principles.  Steering the furniture company to greater heights remains Shah’s top agenda. He affirms that the tenability is on course since the firm invests varied quality home and office products as well as in self-motivated and inspired staff who care about that discerning customer.