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Edition 09

Art of window dressing



Well designed window fashion do simply more than cover a window. Great design is beautiful to live with and smart, too writes Peninah KIMANI stressing that for those yearning for exceptional window fashions, the way to go is to appreciate Window Blinds. 

Window Blinds’ harmony with light

Just as sunscreen protects our skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, window treatments protect our room interiors and add to the lifespan of valuable possessions. Wide range of window blinds is available in the market.

With the blinds, one is able to regulate the required amount of light entering a room. Depending on the type and quality of blind, you can control light from 10 per cent to 100 per cent by using see-through, translucent and blackout materials. Varieties of Window Blind products filter out at 75 per cent to 95 per cent of the sun’s harmful UV rays when installed. Thus Window Blind is the best option to create harmony with light.

In your hotels and lodges

Blinds for hotels and restaurants should not only be functional but aesthetical too. They help create a welcoming ambience. Wood Venetian blinds, Roller blinds and Bamboo Blinds are great options.

Metal Venetian and Vertical blinds allow you to combine light control and privacy perfectly. The Marvel range of colour will suit a variety of interior designs for an elegant and timeless look.

Variety: Window blinds come in different materials ranging from wood, aluminium, natural bamboo and fabric. The material preferred depends on the location of the window and the overall theme of the room.

Maintenance and cleaning: Window Blinds are very easy to maintain: they don’t require frequent cleaning. Most window blinds are conditionally cleaned with a damp cloth or by dusting depending on the material and nature of dirt being removed.

The following guide can be useful when choosing your blinds:

Reception or lobby area

The reception area speaks volumes about the company’s image; the materials used should be elegant. The most recommended type would either be Vertical or Venetian blinds which can be tilted at an angle and admit the required amount of light.

Window DressingRestaurant/ Bar/ Kitchen

These three rooms are always interlinked. To create continuity, one type of blind should be used for the three places.  A natural airy blind would be recommended because of ventilation. Wood/Aluminium Venetian and Bamboo blinds would offer the best solution. These three will provide the required privacy and will also help to aerate these rooms which are also exposed to a lot of fumes coming from the foods or drinks.

Conference/ Meeting rooms

Light and noise control in conference or meeting rooms can and have always been a challenge. Fabrics with the ability to control light and absorb sound should be used as window treatment. Blackout Fabric Roman Blinds or cellular (honeycomb) blinds would be recommended because at one time or another, a projector will be used. These two because of their folds and blackout nature will solve the two problems simultaneously.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel room that creates an environment that guarantees one’s peace of mind is enviable. Acoustical materials would be recommended in these rooms.  Consider a combination of Blackout Roller or Roman Blinds and Curtains.


The offices should be well lit during the day and blinds should be used to control light. The best option would be Vertical, Wood or Aluminium Venetian and Zebra blinds. These would help to regulate the amount of light coming into the room by simply tilting the blinds at an angle.


The store, be it a linen room or the dry store should be well lit and ventilated and more airy blind is recommended. Bamboo Blinds, Roller Blind (sunscreen), Wood and Aluminium Venetian are the best options.