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Art to Heart at Ramara Showroom



Bud Panesar’s debut RAMARA Interiors Showroom stirs a tasteful homage to constructed illusions that uphold the essence of art that lives so deeply writes Muthoni Maingi.

Ramara ChairsTo most people, a chair is something to sit on. to me, a chair is an endless medium of creativity,” says Bud Panesar, RAMARA DESIGN DIRECTOR

Who could look anywhere else when a lily is in the room? Viewing and being in the presence of such a beautiful piece of art is to put it mildly, thrilling.

RAMARA’s debut showroom in a peaceful suburban Lavington setting, precisely along Mzima Springs Road, is an appropriate setting to showcase these alluring pieces. RAMARA’s growth, which has evolved from Bud Panesar’s designer dreams and doodles, makes a distilled difference into homes, lodges and offices of the aesthetically inclined. It is all about the depth of art to heart.

Highly capable and able to conjure up the most interesting and fantastical designs for a diverse client-base, Bud; always driven to piece-up art that transcend functionality has his eyes on aesthetics to the letter. His life’s work, in his words, “Is to ensure that our clients’ receive more from us than they could dream of.”

Ramara Interiors 3After all, RAMARA is steered by a sincere wish to create a range of original, cutting-edge, high-end luxury furniture and interior products for the local and international markets.

As an International Award Winning Designer, Bud is driven by a strong work ethic as well as a diligent approach to perfection and his craft. He lives by a core principle; the ingenuity, originality and authenticity of his designs and concepts.

However, despite the grandeur of each design, the emphasis on each and every RAMARA piece is a minimalist simplicity akin to nudity. The products are not “dressed fancy”. Rather they are laid bare so that the passion, integrity and design ability that goes into their creation is as visible as the physical form of the product. This, Bud states, is “Optimal Design” or “Authentic Design”.

As Bud says “A design is optimal when no one element can be added to it, nor one taken away. This is the humble ethos we live by at RAMARA.”

RAMARA’s showroom reflects this ideal. Stunning designer accessories are set against walls bathed in white and the space is open and filled with fresh air gently blowing from a stretch of jewel-green manicured lawn that gracefully kisses a refreshing verandah. RAMARA is truly a pleasant way in which one can commission that piece for their home, office, or restaurant/hotel.

Ramara Interiors 2An arranged visit to the showroom guarantees that one will be served well, and bathed in the spirit of a firm that believes in their unique heritage in the furniture and interiors market. After all, Bud’s family has been creating unique pieces for us for over 70 years.

Experienced Interior Designers and Customer Experience Executives are at hand to assist one all the way to the final delivery and care of the products. RAMARA relationship is life-long as the brand believes they are in the business of creating relationships, and not pushing products.

Ramara Interiors 1If one is so inclined, they may also meet Bud at the RAMARA Showroom and he would be happy to share a glass or two of his favorite Single Malt while he engages you in a flight of creative imagination, sketching a custom piece that may one day be yours and named after you.

RAMARA is currently open by appointment

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