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Attendee Registration Policies

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, the Ideal Interiors Expo is open to the entire public. Individuals who are not able to document their direct and current professional affiliation to the interiors industry are not barred from attending. Any member of the public who is keen to sample the various products and services in the interiors subsector are welcome to attend.

Industry Identification Requirements

For identification, you will be required to either register online or at the entrance to the Expo. Details pertaining to your names, physical and mail addresses, your occupation, your email address and phone contact will be required.

International attendees should submit similar credentials unique to their country that confirm their participation as well as the genuineness of their registration.

Attendees with Special Needs

Attendees who require special services should contact Ideal Interiors Event Managers at 0700 333 888 to identify their special needs. All requests should be received in time, in order to ensure the availability of services.

On-Site Registration Hours & Locations

Registration desks will be located at the entrance to the exhibition. Registration will be ongoing daily from the opening moments of the event to the closing hours in the evening.

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