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Automation goes hi-tech



In a world that is constantly changing, preferences change too in terms of automation. It could be in the home, in a hotel or a corporate business environment. Whatever the case, modern technology has dictated how automation is done today, writes Nehreen SADIQUE.

Home Automation allows individuals to automatically control various facets within their home through the use of technology. These facets include lighting, heating and cooling, security systems, entertainment, and many more.

For example as you arrive home, you can automatically turn off the sprinklers, unlock the front door, disable the alarm and switch on the necessary lights. Benefits of home automation  include:

1.  Security systems which can be set up to alert home owners on their cell phone when an alarm is triggered.

2.  Pre-set modes for lighting and sound can be selected for various occasions within the home which in return saves time. Though it sounds futuristic, this technology has been there for decades and is now available in Kenya at Audio Visual Control Systems Ltd. After consultation, a layout and drawing will be prepared so as to provide a customized home automation system for clients.

 Hospitality automation

In today’s competitive environment, organizations in the hospitality industry with high quality standards cannot do without a network of advanced technological products. Users can save energy simply and efficiently by up to 30 per cent on air conditioning, 20 per cent on heating, and 15 per cent on electricity.

All facets of a luxury hotel including guest rooms, ballrooms, meeting rooms, pool, spa, restaurants, and nightclubs can be controlled virtually. Hotel guests can easily control their environment and various Audio Visual products in their hotel room. These solutions maximize the communication experience during formal meetings or conferences by enabling automation and control of the room environment, lighting controls, multimedia equipment (DVDs and VCRs), Audio Visual Components (microphones, cameras, speakers, projectors, screens, and computers).

 Internet television

Internet Protocol Television (IPTv) is one of the services that now can also integrate with the structured cable network of a building. Such revolutionary change in the way TV signal is distributed significantly improves signal quality, interactivity and control, giving the operators several options to monitor, add services, maximize audience and improve the Return On Investment (ROI). Such solutions are important in the hospitality sector as they provide the tools to increase the comfort level of their guests or patients as well as overall revenue.

For any company, the boardroom provides a solid foundation which is important as internal meetings and sales pitches to potential clients are made. In order to have a technologically up to date boardroom, a company can ensure that it has lighting control systems, good quality projectors and screens, good quality sound system, video and audio conferencing system etc.

 Customized unit

As an added advantage, a customized pop-up unit within the boardroom desk can be placed so as to act as an active point for presenters to connect their laptops and other gadgets to make their presentations come to life without the cumbersome and messy wiring.

It is important to note that commercial screens are highly recommended for the boardroom because of their quality and the fact that they last three times longer than normal screens.

In this era of dispersed teams and reduced travel budgets, it is difficult to build trusted relationships with stakeholders. Therefore, it is ideal to set-up video conferencing within boardrooms so as to interact and share content in High Definition which increases overall efficiency and productivity of organizations. Travel reduction is the easiest expense to calculate when determining Return on Investment of a video conferencing investment.


Nehreen Sadique is the Head of Sales and,Marketing at Audio Visual Control Systems