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Basco lauches anti-bacterial paint



Paint manufacturer Basco Paints has introduced a revolutionary new anti-bacterial paint in the market to be used in a variety of environments as a measure to control the spread of micro-organisms and communicable diseases.

This innovative and one of a kind product, a first in the region, was developed to ensure sustainable protection against bacteria and mould and has been proven to minimize the spread of diseases and infection from antibiotic resistant superbugs.

“We are proud to introduce this unique product in Kenya and the greater Eastern Africa region following the success of our breakthrough eco-friendly range of green paints last year,” said Basco Paints Managing Director, Mr.Kamlesh Shah. “This product is long overdue and will help enhance the well-being of people in many industries and environments that are prone to infections,” he added.

The main users of the paint include: health institutions, food processing factories, restaurants, schools and high-traffic public areas where micro-organisms can thrive and where cleanliness is of the utmost importance. It is also recommended for use in damp and humid places such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens to help stop the buildup of bacteria and mould which pose a variety of health risks.