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Bath experience – Teuco Collection



Chapeau 05_fmtChapeau! Shower enclosure, the enveloping embrace

Chapeau! shower enclosure, angeletti ruzza Design, in the recessed version with hinged door, fitted with a stylish, minimalist acrylic roof for an extraordinary cocooning effect, thanks to which no heat is lost and the steam stays inside the enclosure, while also avoiding the unpleasant build-up of mildew.

Wilmotte acrylic shower tray, 6 mm thick glass frame, for a light and attractive styling.

Dimensions available: 100×75, 100×80, 120×80, 120×90, 140×80 and 140×90 cm

Light shower enclosure


Light Shower Enclosure

Light Shower EnclosureThe new Light shower enclosure featuring the cromoexperience function, for ultimate multi-sensory relaxation. Light is an innovative solution designed to integrate efficiently the functions of a shower enclosure with the comfort of a cabin thanks to the new Duralight® shower panel and to the stylish, minimalist roof, equipped with nozzles to distribute water in a “raining effect” for ultimate relaxation. The elegant 8 mm thick glass frame creates an extraordinary cocooning effect which does not allow any heat to be dispersed while retaining all the steam inside the enclosure.


The first ever invisible whirlpool by Teuco. Technology becomes sophisticated and concealed , where the classic nozzles have been replaced by thin slits which are hidden from view, for a contemporary product with a stylish emotional impact. In addition, these slits make for a brand new cutting-edge Cromoexperience system where the actual slits are back-lit and thereby allow the coloured light, which can be modulated in eight different shades, to light the bathroom in continuation. In the photo, also in red and blue.

HydrolineThe whirlpool thus features a more attractive styling that emphasises the beguiling design of the bathtub  without compromising the efficiency of the whirlpool, on a par with Teuco’s classic whirlpools also in terms of noiselessness and vibration-free operation, allowing you to soak your body in a total oasis of relaxation, affording magnificent multi-sensory.


Twin Suit wall-mounted wash basins distinguished by a bowl and storage shelves featuring essential and yet soft and sinuous shapes and, on the wall, beguiling Suit backlit mirror.


Suit shower tray, with its minimalist design and clean-cut, refined geometries.

Pasha Steam Room

Finding a way to wind down and recuperate is now a daily pursuit. Over the course of the day, which is too often marked by a frenetic pace, it is essential to make time for yourselves, treating yourselves to a break of pure relaxation. So there is nothing better at the end of the day than stepping into the Steam Room, leaving the rest of the world outside.

The temperature of the steam inside the Pasha Steam Room is kept perfectly constant, thanks to the technology devised by Teuco which entails an automatic air circulation system, which ensures a totally uniform temperature: making for complete comfort and an even more profound treatment.

InsideOut furniture collection

A tailor-made space where creativity prevails: this is the idea of a bathroom at the heart of the new InsideOut project by Carlo Colombo for Teuco.

A collection that is perfectly in line with the new philosophy of bathroom furnishings, the new critical systematic thought process which manages to involve all the components of a bathroom project.

InsideOut is a bathroom furniture system featuring a fresh, young and carefree spirit, made of lacquered wood.


Nauha Collection:

the soft boundary between material and emotions.

Nauha collection by angeletti ruzza Design consisting of, starting from the right: acrylic bathtub, with painstaking care for every detail, emphasising the appeal and tactile benefits of the material in an harmonious and balanced dialogue between design and functionality; sit-on ceramic wash basin, which stands out for the clean-cut design and perfect geometric proportions; wall-mounted sanitary fixtures made with the finest Italian ceramic, which recall the collection’s strong personality in their volumes and geometries.

Nauha invites you to touch and stroke its romantic and balanced shapes and suggests a welcoming, relaxing bathroom, where you can look after your body and tune in with yourself while being pampered with experiences of total well-being.

Paper wash basins and bathtubs

Her passion for square design is what inspired Giovanna Talocci’s creativity in the designing of Paper, the new total look collection by Teuco comprising wash basins and bathtubs in Duralight®: the patented, solid surface composite material, which is 100% pliable, conceived, produced and processed, making for maximum customisation along with styling and functional flexibility.

A solution for those who seek out clean-cut, precise silhouettes and pure and classic beauty in its essential appeal, soon to be completed with sanitary fixtures, for a beautiful, matching bathroom suite.

The philosophy behind this product line is the ability to accommodate any design requirement thanks to the extreme modularity and customisation possibilities afforded by its shapes, making for ultimate versatility.

Outline, the bathroom furnishing collection

Outline is a collection featuring light and dynamic equilibriums  which, when interacting with the geometric and architectural elements, defines an idea of a bathroom with a strong and highly contemporary personality.

An expression of force and texture, Outline enhances the beauty of irregularity. Indeed, the distinguishing trait of the collection are the edges which stand out asymmetrically from the material, in an apparently casual motion, like flowing water.

The rectangular bathtub, which is also available in the free-standing version, features the exclusive  Hydroline patent, a world record: the first ever invisible whirlpool thanks to the  new patented system, where the classic nozzles have been replaced by thin slits which are hidden from view, for a contemporary product with a stylish emotional impact. These slits make for a brand new cutting-edge Chromoexperience system: the traditional single light which shone in different colours has been replaced, leaving the slits themselves to be back-lit and thereby allowing the coloured light, which can be modulated in eight different shades, to light the bathroom in continuation. In addition, Hydroline guarantees the same standard efficiency and noiselessness as a classic Teuco whirlpool.

The wash basins feature pure shapes and compact volumes and they are available in both the sit-on and flush-fit version, affording a strong styling impact.

The shower tray stands out for its smooth textured surface with special attention to detail. The drain plug, which covers the drain completely, for instance, has been transformed from a simple functional element to a genuine mark of style with a beguiling appeal while nonetheless guaranteeing maximum hygiene and practicality.