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Bathroom time, quality time



These days, the way people see their bathroom has changed. It’s about moments. Time. Enjoyment. It is so much more than just a ‘bathing room.’

Whether for complete indulgence, refreshing bursts, or everyday functionality, bathroom time is quality time, no matter what the life situation.

The options available for creating the ideal bathrooms are endless, but what many people don’t realize is that creating the ideal bathroom, requires a lot of planning and maintaining.

It can be hard to know the best way in which to renovate or redecorate a bathroom. This is generally due to the desire for the changes to be made in as short a time frame as possible, meaning that decisions can often be rushed or made without adequate consideration.

So what should you consider when thinking of renovating your bathroom? And what top tips are there to help you on the way? Whenever you consider renovating or redecorating any room of your home, it is important that you make adequate preparations and plans. With bathrooms this requires a lot of forward planning and it is important that you make an accurate estimation of how long it will take to complete.

Working on a bathroom will often require you to stop the water flow to this area, which may cause problems if the work is not done quickly. Rather than rushing your work though, plan it carefully in order to ensure that every task is completed fully, giving you the best results in your bathroom.

Bathroom Suites: Stick with white! Bathroom suites always look better in this classic colour and its timeless style will mean you won’t have to regularly update your fixtures.

Décor: Keep it simple! Stick with classic colours like white and blue, and consider vital aspects such as storage. Add mirrors to improve lighting and make the space appear bigger. Keep the room de-cluttered by utilising storage furniture. If you are intending to use bright colours then only use them in small quantities – such as in vases and ornaments. You could even have a tiled wall design that has a sporadic coloured tile interspersed with the surrounding white ones.

Toilets:Make sure that it is well placed. There is nothing worse than trying to fight your way onto a cramped toilet that is too close to the wall or another feature. Always make sure that your toilet is not surrounded by other large objects and, again, stick with the classic white colour.

Basins: Get one which is congruous with the overall style of your bathroom and home.