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Edition 04

Be lulled to sleep



Importance of eight hours sleep everyday remains comfortable bet only when sleep-time is harnessed with qualitative mattress products.

The choice to sleep on comfortable mattress addresses constant backaches and after-bed time exhaustions. Thanks to doctors’ prescriptions and the choice of Mekan East Africa to specialize in production of a range of life saving orthopaedic mattresses.

The effort to offer solution to disturbing sleep as well as stressful hours is steady paying-off for both Mekan and more especially the end-users of mattresses and pillows that lulls one to sleep.

According to the Mr. Yasin Cenk, one of the firm’s directors, the choice to invest in quality mattress seamlessly invites happiness to people’s lives. It is in this vain that the company is motivated to furnishing homes, hotels and hospitals with comfortable mattress solutions.

The bold move to invest in Kenya’s steadily improving mattress furnishing industry with a quality sleep product prompted Mekan East Africa to put-up an orthopaedic and posturepedic mattresses plant in Nairobi in 2006. The effort has since prompted the company to manufacture high quality density mattresses locally with superior technologies imported from Turkey.

As dealers continue to ask for more and more quality mattresses to address people’s low moods, Mekan has hastened its tempo of producing 10 year warranty range of mattresses with new technology springs and washable mattress cover fabrics.