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Beauty with ornamental iron



Gently weaving into stylish architecture is ornamental iron, which has long been associated with simple gates and fences but as writes Kelai WANJIRU there’s still untapped silver lining in the trendy wrought iron décor.

Chummer ProductsIron is indeed timeless and it is this concept that “The Iron People”- Chummer Ltd, have perfected the art of  enhancing external aesthetics with the use of unique and custom crafted ornamental iron, stainless steel and aluminium.  It is a fact that first impressions can make or break a person, a job, and in this case, a home or commercial environment.  External décor can greatly enhance a property’s overall stature just by the accessories used.

Outdoor garden accents are a sure way of expressing one’s personal decorating style, and it is this style that the Iron People have infused into their art of ironery.  In a short span of time, Chummer Ltd has fast permeated the interior décor and design industry with its made to perfect detail iron art to become a most renown brand in the region in the crafting of ironery.

Aluminium and stainless steel

Chummer an appointed agent for Kafkaslar, an international renowned Turkish producer of aluminium and stainless steel products for residential and commercial use is targeting any property owner that’s looking to re-invent their outdoors, a visit to Chummer Ltd, will draw a lot of inspiration.

No matter what the taste or preference, the designers are able to conceptualise and actualize ornamental iron features that will greatly compliment the outdoors and as well, offer security and privacy.  The wrought iron décor and decorative garden accents supplied and manufactured by Chummer make accentuates interior and outdoor living spaces.

Contemporary modern styles

Iron BeautyWith the ability to source a variety of raw materials in unique rustic styles or contemporary modern styles, the professional blacksmith artisans at Chummer Ltd offer many trendy and beautiful to look at finishes.

A visit to the showroom offers one a variety of choices in ornamental art that is sure to compliment your property with beauty, strength and durability.  Iron is all about fabricating metal and creating personalized designs and some of the ways through which metal is designed at Chummer Ltd is soft or sharp embossing, stamping and die cutting among other design styles.

Ideas are brought to life by the customized designs created by the iron people some of which include garden railings, outdoor furniture, balconies and uniquely crafted gates among other items made to custom designs.

Dazzling embellishments

Ornamental iron is a landscaping concept that instantly brings a classic beauty to a property’s landscaping design.  Other than adding an authentic feel to developments, the inspiring  and finely detailed artistry all describe the personality of a home or property owner.

Chummer Ltd, while embracing the thrill and wonder of this ancient form of art, have crafted dazzling embellishments that create a most awesome aura in the exteriors that showcase and deliver an array of unique and creative design statements.

A visit to the showroom offers one the fascinating opportunity to choose ornamental features for the exteriors twisted into fine details in a range of styles.  Enliven your exteriors with aesthetic ornamental and aluminium steel.