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Bring your surfaces to life with wallpaper



Decorating your home is a very satisfying personal experience, and to make sure this experience is successful you need to consider the detail behind creating a space that is both suitable for you and your family.

What do you want the wallpaper to say about you? What do you want it to say about your space? Do you need more colour? More pattern?

Always check your current living space, look at your furniture, flooring, lighting, fixtures and fittings, then choose a wallpaper.

wallpaper decorIf you are doubtful at first then opt for something subtle. This will give you the confidence, so that the next time you choose a wallpaper you may want something stronger in design, something brighter perhaps. If you are unsure of how to use wallpaper, contact an interior designer to assist you – or visit a wallpaper stockiest who can guide you.

Let’s talk about how you can use wallpaper, and where you can use it to bring your surfaces to life.

The choices in wallpaper today are vast and the decorating possibilities immense. Wallpaper can be used in a variety of ways from decorating an entire wall to using it on cupboard doors, headboards, window frames, a fireplace or an alcove to a ceiling!

From tiny, busy patterns to large or oversized motifs, wallpaper designs come in all shapes and sizes. If the object or wall you want to decorate is small go for subtle patterns rather than large overpowering designs. Similarly, large motifs won’t work as the pattern will require to be broken, not so much of a good effect! Metallics could also work in a small space as the light refection may help to open up the space.

For rooms with low ceilings, choose papers with vertical stripes to add height to the walls. Hung horizontally, the same stripes will create the illusion of making a small room appear larger.

And don’t forget the fifth wall—the ceiling. Covering this with wallpaper can make a more balanced yet striking effect!

Wallpaper decor 2Fallen in love with a really special paper but can’t afford to cover the whole wall? Use a piece in a small area, on a piece of furniture or frame it to make a custom made picture. Wallpaper can also be used to cover headboards (the higher the board the better, if the design is to be appreciated to the full).

The use of wallpaper is not limited to one area in your home; it is versatile and fashionable in your bedroom, bathroom, children’s bedroom and living space.  Take advantage of these great ideas to decorate your bedroom with wallpaper.

Patterns and bold designs can create an exhilarating and strong presence in your bedroom. In larger rooms use wallpaper that encapsulates the space, use large prints and bright colours.

What can be wallpapered?

  • Cupboards
  • Filing cabinets
  • Headboards
  • Curtain Boxes
  • Shelves
  • Stationary
  • Glass (windows and partitions)
  • Staircases

The surfaces that can be wallpapered are immense, however you must ensure that the surfaces are flat and straight! There’s nothing more unsightly than patterns that don’t match or bumps and lumps in a wallpaper!

By Rupal Rach