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Colour Trends: What’s New, What’s Next?



Your home and closet will soon be full of bold reds, vibrant blues and vivid patterns – you just don’t know it yet.

Colour Trend Forecasters work hard for months, sometimes years in advance, researching fashion and design to predict the colour choices we will all want to be incorporating into our lives. Much like weather predictions, Colour Trend Forecasters utilize a myriad of research and models for their industry examining trade shows, technology, magazines or really anywhere that may offer a hint of what’s coming down the line.

Fashion runways used to be the standard for locating these up-and-comers. Now, trends can be inspired from practically anywhere.

Economic conditions, the news or even a popular television show can pinpoint a new trend gathering popularity. Trends often translate into clothing, textiles, home decor and of course – colour.

Colour trends can inspire choices when decorating a home interior by allowing the homeowner to feel confident in the selections. Unlike a fad, which rises in popularity quickly and often has a short-lived lifespan, a trend is longer lasting. One colour trend gaining in global popularity is Arty Expressionism offering a palette of lively colours fusing bold patterns with neutral hues.

Arty Expressionism

Arty Expressionism is about dynamic colour choice. With a fast pace lifestyle, a bold use of colour makes a big style statement and replaces the need for extra furnishings to fill a room. Expressive patterns substitute for artwork and a few bright accents go a long way to communicate personality and mood. The colours in this palette are chromatic, often combined in unexpected ways. Look for these hues to be used in oversized patterns on fabric or rugs to create a statement piece that unifies a scheme of many vibrant colours.

Urban Influence

Experimenting with style, challenging boundaries and questioning authority are all elements of the Arty Expressionism trend. Influenced by a need to regain our sense of control and purpose after a declining global economy, urban development has emerged even in design. Using scale, colour and materials to take us out of our everyday experiences, colour choices are often highly intense or even clashing. Statement pieces are incorporated using bold, oversized patterns on window treatments or area rugs and then balanced by softer more translucent furniture choices.

Bold Colour, Brilliant Pattern

Digital patterns, graphic prints and graffiti are expressions of individual creativity. The element of surprise in scale, shape, pattern and colour are inspired by pop art and pop culture where bigger and bolder is often better. Oversized wall or divider panels, tagged furniture, geometric tile and mixed patterns all intermingle to create interest and techno-style in a space.

Drawing the Line

Traditional and timeless patterns balance uber-stimulating graphic prints allowing a little calm from the rigor of daily life. Artful lines in stripes, patterns either thick or thin, straight, zig-zag, vertical or horizontal can be incorporated in any colour. The single pattern or mix of varied patterns can be applied to a limitless choice of materials and surfaces.

Colour Trend Forecasting is a vital tool in keeping up with selections in style coming on the market. Designers have come to depend on forecasters to keep their clients on-trend and in style. Creativity is inspired by the intense research and psychology behind developing these predictions. Entire markets are waiting with baited breath for these forecasts. Getting familiar with these global trends will allow incorporating the next big thing into your space.

Kate Smith is Chief Colour Maven and President of Sensational Colour, a company that develops colour information to help you confidently select colours for your home. As an internationally recognised colour expert, author and speaker, Kate has been regularly quoted in major media outlets and is a favourite as an on-air guest and speaker at top design conferences and trade shows worldwide. Together with Duracoat, Kate is working in East Africa to provide guidance on how to create colour harmony in your home.