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2015 Expo

Contemporary Art



Contemporary Art

A unique exhibition, mixing art and romance. The artistic couple, Oywecha and Ruth will be displaying their artwork themed, ‘Color and Form’.


While Ruth’s pieces do a good job of combining her thoughts, dreams and emotions, Oywecha’s paintings deal more with tearing apart and evoking one’s emotions. Ruth aims to give a clear picture of the world as she sees it, while still remaining true to herself as an artist. Over the years, her art has evolved significantly, which will be clearly evident in each piece. In 2014, she was commissioned by Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi, to paint the foyer in their main gallery.


Oywecha’s paintings are a perfect fusion of color and technique, bound to elicit powerful emotions from his audience. Some have linked his work to cubism, while others term it as ‘geometrical’ due to its simplification.


Contact Details:

Off waiyaki way,

Cell: +254(0)718500101/733582643


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