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As dinner table conversations around the world lean towards climate change, the scarce natural resources is prompting families to think be friend mother nature. One major concern today, especially in Kenya, is the high cost of electricity that would be tamed writes Kelai WANJIRU.

Electricity is a necessity in today’s world, and as much as it is a necessary evil considering its rising cost. But then, has your electricity bill been giving you sleepless nights? Have you been thinking about other solutions to curb the rising cost of electricity? Do you want to say goodbye to hefty power bills?

Apart from the high energy costs, electricity in Kenya has become so unreliable and it is common to see places go without electricity for days on end. This frustrating experience is enough to make you switch to optional solutions.

Affordable options when looking at solar energy in the homes, offices and hotels relates to investing in solar panels in your living or working environment.

Imagine the sun heating the water you use at home? Imagine the money you’d be saving and the increased value of your home because you have invested in solar energy.

Why solar energy?

One of the questions every home owner will ask is why do I need solar energy? Solar energy is the cleanest source of energy that is also sustainable. Furthermore, it doesn’t produce the harmful pollutants that are majorly responsible for global warming.

When considering solar energy for an already existing building, it is important to consider the orientation of the building, as you have to install the panels at an angle to the sun, which will be the sole source of energy. Secondly, make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible, use energy efficient bulbs and make sure the roofs are properly insulated. This is important for either solar electricity or solar thermal energy in the case of water heating.

Environmental awareness

Over the past few years, solar energy has become affordable mainly because people are now more aware of their environment. If one chooses to harness solar at home, there are two main types of systems, such as “grid-tie” system and the “off-grid” or stand-alone system.

The “grid-tie” is connected to the local power grid and is used in urban centers while the off grid is independent and is installed in remote areas where electricity is not sufficient. Your solar provider will guide you on the best system to install based on your needs and location.

Installing a solar system can be an expensive undertaking especially when one doesn’t have enough knowledge. One way to reduce this expense is to reduce electricity use prior to installation. As mentioned earlier, replace bulbs with fluorescent and energy saving bulbs and replace old appliances that use a lot of energy.

If the cost of a full house solar system seems daunting, a good option to start with can be heating your water with the power of the sun. Water heaters use up the most power in the home and solar water heating can save a Kenyan family up to 60 percent of power cost.

Well now if you’ve agonized over electricity bills, it is time to say hello to solar energy and harness the power of the sun.