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2012 Expo

Décor Interiors



Decor Interiors Limited is based in Nairobi, Kenya, specialising as Interior Design Consultants. The eco conscious interior environments created by the company have a transformative energy. The design of an interior has an integral role in affecting the way in which people feel and function. The design team is fully conscious of this and are committed to maximising the potential of any interior to achieve the desired results.

The company, driven by innovation, is pioneering in exploring the potential of Sisal to manufacture a wide range of products for Interiors. This fibre, pruned sustainably from younger sisal plants, has a beautiful, soft and rich natural texture. Prototypes are developed in order to produce products that are successful in terms of ergonomics, standard of finishing and beauty. The Company also uses locally sourced stone and mild steel to create interior elements such as lighting, loose accessories and furniture in workshops based in the Industrial Area. All products are showcased at the Design Studio based in Viking House, Off Waiyaki Way.