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Home lighting is arguably the most important element of interior décor in every home. One can hardly imagine having a home that has no lighting. Lighting is very instrumental in setting the mood of your home and stir up different senses.

Décor Pebbles prides itself in providing superior and quality lighting options for your home or office. We provide and supply decorative accessories such as wall mirrors, wall hangings, artificial plants and flowers.

All our chandeliers and complimenting lighting accessories comply with all applicable local and international standards. Our lighting accessories are known for their guaranteed safety and quality, thus giving our customers the best there is in the industry.

Interior consultancy

At Décor Pebbles, we provide the best interior lighting tips and ideas to our customers. We have supplied and installed chandeliers, wall brackets to a large number of homes and office suites in the city.

Over the years, our interior décor store has widened its product base and increased its range of services to providing consultancy services in the area of interior décor and lighting. We have provided lighting to various up market homes and apartments around the city and we increasing our client base daily.

We have design consultants who guide and direct clients on various lighting trends and give advice on lighting options for your home or office, guide on various types of chandeliers and wall brackets right for a specific space, etc.

Lighting options

To ensure that you will achieve the desired effect for your rooms, it is important to understand the basic types of home lighting. There is ambient or general lighting which illuminates the whole room. Second is Task lighting which provides sufficient light to help you perform the task at hand, e.g., reading.

Task lighting should be glare free and it should make things easy to see without tiring or straining your eyes. Third is accent lighting which is focused lighting that is used to illuminate a sculpture, piece of art, or architectural element in a room.

Accent lighting is about three times as bright as ambient lighting. Last but not least, we have natural lighting which is the light that comes through windows, doors, and skylights. Depending on the time of day, season, or weather, it can vary in brightness and intensity.