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Edition 07

DURACOAT at 2012 interiors EXPO



Helping you create timeless, contemporary spaces that fulfill your requirements, exude comfort and style and reflect your personality is what Basco Paints does best. Long known to be a leading paint manufacturer in the East and Central Africa region, their flagship Duracoat range of premium paints provides the widest selection of colours, special effects and interior and exterior finishes to create your dream space and bring you joy.

It is with this in mind that Basco Paints chose to participate at the 3rd Ideal Interiors Expo in 2012. With handy paint schemes that are known to instantly transform any living space, Basco Paints continue to be innovators of new products that enhance quality of life. With a wealth of experience spanning over 35 years, the leading paint manufacturer provides a product line of paints that suit every surface whether for the home or business establishment.

Since its inception in 2010, the standards of the Ideal Interiors Expo have continued to exceed expectations and Basco Paints therefore chose to take up a larger stand for this year’s ?event. According to Basco Paints Managing Director, Mr. Kamlesh Shah, the Expo was a well organized event that brought together top names in the real estate, interior decor and design industry. For this reason, Basco Paints decided to participate in this event and showcase their large collection of award winning interior and exterior specialized finishes. According to Mr. Shah, specialized and textured finishes are now catching on in the country with property owners looking for a distinguishing factor that will achieve a wow effect in any establishment.