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Episode 5: Breathtaking living room designs



In this Fifth Episode, join our Presenters Pete and Kasera as they discover the breathtaking living room designs at Palacina Interiors. Let Ideal Interiors TV show open your eyes to a world of luxury, where design and comfort come as a package; an irresistible menu of awe-inspiring living room sets, fully accessorized with unique and exclusively assembled wall mirrors, perfect chandeliers and an array of well-thought out accessories that can only be found at Palacina Interiors.

We also take you to Ideal Ceramics for an expert look at Carpets, as flooring guru David Nga’nga explains to Kasera the different types of carpets, their applicability and functionality in any one given space, and how Ideal Ceramics has made it a priority to offer clients quality carpets that are made for the 21st century living.

Our Presenter Pete also pays a visit to a couple in Runda, Katie and John, who usher him into a magnificent sight of an expansive garden whose exquisite panache is a destination to behold. With unique plants of all nature – both exotic and indigenous – Katie and John have managed to put up a world class garden that epitomizes nature at its best, and is a place that brings to life the unspoken sounds of a garden that has been tended for years.

Finally, our resident Interior Designer George Washington takes a moment to savour the elements of the complementary nature of the exterior and the interior, and why it’s important that your functional space must have both an appealing exterior as it has an attractive interior.

The Ideal Interiors TV Show; the best of the good life!