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Another moment of sampling the market’s outstanding interiors at the Ideal Interiors Expo – an event that celebrates brilliance exuded by interior design industry players has rolled another unique platform of choices to delight all, writes Humphrey ODHIAMBO.

Ideal Interior Expo, the premier showplace of top-notch service providers targeting decisive buyers of decorative and utility products for the home, hotels and offices is once again lined for special hosting at The Village Market, Nairobi on 7th – 11th March 2012.

The event that has become synonymous with new, refreshing and trendy interior products in the market of opportunities is lined to be a thought-provoking and insightful extravaganza of ideas. These are ideas that are aimed to uniquely transform the heart of recreational places, domestic set-ups and formal working areas.

Considering the ever-building crescendo of successes, the Third Ideal Interiors Expo is primed to strictly showcase only the very best from interior industry players comprising furniture and Furnishings, Finishing and Fittings, Kitchen & Bathroom Accessories, Home & Office Automation Products, Exotic Pieces, Lighting & Lights, Walling and Flooring Materials from prolific manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers.

Interior design agencies and floral interior designers as well as varied interior design enthusiast started gearing for the event as evidenced with the advance planning for the show. This illustrates that the next event will be pompous and celebrated with the gusto it deserves considering the demand for interiors.

The immediate next expo – being a resource of thrilling ideas – is expected to engage decisive customers under the event’s banner themed: Celebrating Your Space! This arena will provide a unique opportunity for new contacts, cultivate existing customers, exchange experience, find new ideas and serve as an effective learning ground for all the visitors as well as exhibitors. Essentially, the opportunities are yours!

Besides presenting new products, the exhibitors will at-show specials demonstrate effective usage and application of the varied interior items. Such engagement is expected to excite the buyers, inspire store designers and reaffirm an important fact: consumers love their sanctuaries, formal work environment and recreation areas.

The mood that filled the air as most of the exhibitors booked their stalls in advance was that the industry is changing and evolving faster. According to most of the first time exhibitors, there was need to put the best foot forward and work together with other industry players to promote fashionable products and ideas.

“Companies persistently promote their benefits and strengths have continued to gain the most momentum when the market turns,” said Bishop Dr. Margaret Wanjiru, the assistant minister for housing who is looking forward to tour with a bigger delegation at the event during the third Ideal Interiors Expo.

As designers and decorators, it is not business as usual any longer.  Real Wealth, the show organizers as well as Village Market, the event hosts have also scaled-up the event for purposes of ensuring that all exhibitors are well positioned for that eventual upturn.


1. In average each exhibitor made 20 new customers during the show

2. Each visitor in average visits the show for 4 to 8 hours

3. 53% of visitors aims to find new suppliers during their visit

4. 71% of the visitors were shop owners, CEOs or decisive buyers

5. 99% of the exhibitors made orders at the show

6. Over 93% of our visitors want to participate next time

7. 70% of the visitors made orders during their visit