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ARE YOU TIRED of visiting other people’s homes and seeing the same styles and colours?  It’s very easy to walk into a self-contained store and pick up what is available off the shop floor.      

More often than not, you walk into another home and find someone else has bought the exact same thing.  You sigh and at that moment wish that you had spent a little bit more time and effort in searching for something more unique and different.

Be it the design of your sofa, a customised throw or cushion or even the addition of some funky wallpaper. Essentially, you want something that makes it your own and reflects your personality and character.

If you have no idea where to start, why not employ a designer with a good eye and lots of contacts in the trade to give you some inspiration.   I am not against asking friends for their point of view, but they too tend to live in a box, seeing only what is around them and therefore playing it safe – which again is boring and predictable.

Crazy ideas

Take a leap, out of your comfort zone and don’t worry about what others think. A designer can listen to your crazy ideas and find a way to incorporate these into a cohesive and balanced scheme which will definitely end up being your own and truly unique.

At Spiegel Interiors, which happens to be my Company we excel in the art of creation and customisation.  We love change and have never created the same look twice. By the way I am currently customising a mirrored cabinet to house my vast collection of shoes!

Star constellations

Our selection of wallpaper is mind-boggling and can even be the starting point for a quirky and inspirational scheme. We can customise almost any type of carpet or rug for your room including the map of Kenya to the star constellations! Visit our stand at the Ideal Interiors Expo and that is what you will see!

Our range of bespoke furniture – allows you to customise the sizes to your preferred level of comfort. The vast selection of upholstery fabrics means that you can cover your sofa in almost any colour or texture to enable you to express your individual artistic streak.

Cushions, cushions, cushions! Hated by men who often throw them off the sofa, are a must! They add colour, character and personality. Our collections will delight you like a child in a candy store! You can select your own combinations and we will make them up for you to any style and design.

Furniture and accessories

Our catalogues are overflowing with the most divine Italian furniture and accessories. Each piece is a work of art in itself and will make a striking statement in your home. What better way to differentiate your style from the pack.

Almost nothing is impossible for us. We have a professional design team at hand ready to assist you in your selection and creation.

So why not take some time out and visit us at Spiegel Interiors in Mobil Plaza and or visit us at the Ideal Interiors Exhibition where we are showcasing our vision on design for 2012.  Somewhat whacky but exiting nonetheless.


Shahin is the managing director of Spiegel Interiors, a lead interiors design powerhouse located in Muthaiga, Nairobi, Kenya.