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Edition 11

Firm on a tough furnishing mission



One of the leading firms in interiors in Kenya – Nishit & Company – is on a mission to meet the demands of an ever-growing interiors sector by providing products and services that can compete with the changing trends of the industry.

Nishit and Company is the result of 30 years of experience within the furnishing industry.

The firm designs fully upholstered furniture and amazing soft furnishing schemes to suit our clientele drawn from the hospitality and the interiors industry in East Africa.

The company also imports fabric from different parts of Europe, and work very closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to customize designs to gratify our customer requirements.

Our services include all facets of planning and operating textile arrays. This includes site visits, fabric consultations, design implementations and product delivery to our customers.

Apart from the initial installation, we are well equipped to do maintenance on all our products.

Our vision is to provide customized design services from start to end of the highest quality to homes, offices and hotels. Our mission is to ensure our clients are contented with the products and services we offer.