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The design of the future is available today. Not only stylish and contemporary in appearance, German Parapan® is also hard-wearing and easy to maintain and has become the material of choice for many leading interior designers and fabricators.

Parapan’s durability and moisture-resistance make it especially suitable for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms available in 12 stunning high gloss colours.

Unlike most modern door surface finishes which can tear or become irreparably damaged by scratches, Parapan® is a solid surface which can be cared for with just regular cleaning with a damp cloth. Any surface scratches, even deep cuts caused by knives can be easily buffed away using T-cut or similar product.

Combining a man made material like Parapan® with wood, steel or stone gives you endless possibilities as a designer!

This German Parapan kitchen has been fully accessorized with inbuilt appliances, creating more work surface. The kitchen island incorporates a hob, a glass island hood and pull out racks on both sides.

Corner accessories make these voids usable space and metallic baskets under the sink work well incase of water spills. The full height ladder creates massive storage space whilst enhancing aesthetics.

Foresight Interiors is the exclusive supplier of Parapan® kitchens and wardrobes which carry a 5 year guarantee.