Greater optimism

Greater optimism

WOW! HOW TIME FLIES. This edition marks the first anniversary of the Ideal Interiors publication. Its idea was mooted last year by the interiors design industry sector players. As they could earlier on only make reference to publications produced abroad; they longed for something qualitative, something home-grown, something stylish, something original and inspirational.

In this edition we celebrate the step-up and step-out of fulfilling that quest of an interiors industry magazine. It is all about you. Your interiors! For this, we are indeed grateful to players who’ve since inception of this magazine continued to jog-up our minds to share more insights about the hotel, office and home interiors.

We’re indebted to the decisive customers and sector players who are making this industry vibrant. You’ve all upped the notch. Technical know-how and talented services and quality products have greatly changed dynamics in this industry. There is certainly greater optimism within the East African interiors landscape. Quest for knowledge is changing the region.

Developers, homeowners, potential home-buyers, contractors, interior designers, home appliance vendors and service providers, furniture-makers and dealers among others conversant with this publication are waking to the reality that consumers thirst for more.

It is evident that consumers don’t need uniform interiors. This is not a school-uniform affair. It is about customers’ varied tastes and budgets. They’re stylish

and yearn for aesthetically appealing, technologically advanced and sustain-ably sound breed of creative interiors. And for this we say kudos to those taking advantage of details in this publication and at the Ideal Interiors Expo to engage with decisive customers.

With preparations for the third Ideal Interiors Expo 2012 already underway, it is timely to catch a glimpse of what to expect and what transpired in the immediate past event. Amazingly each expo has strongly denoted that room for growing interiors design is limitless. Our advice – Exhibitors plan for it the earliest. Visitors, diarize it. The stakes are high. The best in the world are already finding their footing here. It is one ideal business platform that you can’t afford to miss.

As we all toast to the success of finally having a magazine that if transforming our interiors, we’ll forever remain grateful to industry players who pushed us to publish this sector copy.

Quality content, well-thought out design and crisp production will remain our virtue for this is what you impressed on us. We remain upbeat to share your insightful and transformative ideas on interiors. Reason! There’s greater optimism and despite the rigourous challenges in this industry, it is all fun in the interiors arena.

Happy anniversary!


 Humphrey Odhiambo


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