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Hiring interior designers



You are better guided by an interior designer than biting your fingers and wading through the dark where there should be light, writes ISHA SAINI.

Most people believe that hiring an interior designer is only for the rich and famous, this is in fact a misinterpretation. Hiring an interior designer is an added cost but will save you a lot of time and money in the long run especially if you have invested a good sum of money in your home. Interior Designers are the ones that can help you piece up and idea that you have or give you some direction if you have no idea what you would like.

Role of an interior designer

An interior design professional knows how to spend your money wisely and within budget, selects materials and finishes, finds the best contractor for the job and overseas the entire project from start to finish.

Interior Designers main job is to represent their clients in meetings and make sure the work is done up to standard in a timely manner and relieves you from any stress as they take full responsibility of the project finding solutions to any problems that may occur along the way. They are the ones who make sure the project is finished to the highest quality and to your expectations by bringing the necessary people together to get the job done. All communication is channeled through the designer to the workmen. From cabinetmakers and electricians, to drapery installers and faux finishers, the designer has a wealth of quality craftsmen to draw from to accomplish the job.

Designers are trained to save you time and energy. A designer will come up with a scope of works and time line depending on the nature of the project. Designers will know the brands and new trends in the market as well as have established relationships with suppliers which will save you the hassle of running around and doing the research on your own.

A designer will be able to build a stronger bridge between you and your architect or contractor early on and will recognize design misses before it’s too late this is crucial in managing time. For example designers will be able to make decisions on where electrical points should be located in reference to the space plan. These are some minor but crucial points that many people forget to factor into consideration.

Designers offer a second set of eyes that can put a space together in a way in which you never imagined creating magical spaces that is different to any other. They are trained to identify what is right or wrong about a space and how to come up with a solution to work with the given space.

An Interior Designer is the person who will make your house a home. Next time you buy a new home or renovate your existing home, would you consider using an Interior Designer?

Interior Design Consultant,