How to select the right bulb

How to select the right bulb

Getting the light you want in the way that you want it is about more than the type of lamp you buy or where you place it. Getting the right bulb wattage is key. When selecting a light bulb for ambient lighting the wattage should be, at a minimum, 40-60 watts. Depending on the size of the room and the amount of windows in the space that provide natural light, you could have a range of lighting in the space of up to 150 watts.

A three way bulb with a range of settings is a great option for a space where increasing levels of light are needed throughout the day.

When looking for task and accent lighting it’s important not to choose too harsh a light. Task lighting should only require a 10-25 watt bulb while accent lighting is even softer, needing only between 10 and 25 watts.

At the same time, task lamps need to be bright enough that you do not need to strain your eyes to see while accent lighting should be bright enough to stand out against the ambient lighting in your space. Test different bulbs to get the effect and utility that you’re looking for.

Wave of future

Another light bulb option that is the wave of the future is LED lighting. These bulbs last for years. One LED bulb or LED strip should suffice for the life of the lamp. Another plus is that these bulbs are cool to the touch, and warm up over time. You will most likely find LED options for task and accent lighting like desk lamps, built-in lighting for cabinetry, or track lighting.

Lastly, now that you know the fundamentals of lighting and interior design, the most important thing to consider are the aesthetics of the lighting solutions you select. Make sure the size, scale, and look of the lighting fixtures make sense in your space.

We may all love the idea of a grand chandelier in our homes, but if you don’t have the proper ceiling height or room size, it may not be the look for your home.

If you’re not sure if something will work, talk to someone at your local lighting store and ask about the proper area requirements for a light treatment you love. A few questions may just keep you from buying a fabulous lighting fixture, paying to have it hardwired, and then learning the hard way that it’s the wrong size for your space. Lighting your home is an investment in time as well as money. Taking the extra steps to get things right the first time will ensure that you don’t waste any of either.

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