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Hygiene & Safety Systems Limited



Hygiene & Safety Systems Limited

Hygiene and Safety Systems Limited (HSS) was incorporated in 2007. Its aim was and still is to provide modern state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly and efficient hygiene and safety products for commercial, industrial and domestic premises use.


HSS is growing fast in every aspect in order to meet the demand of the fast-growing industry. A strong management team comprising of people with relevant technical experience supports us. We at HSS believe that good health is essential to the productivity and the quality of our surrounding; we strive to provide excellent hygiene and safety products to satisfy the challenging need of our customers.

Based on our experience, HSS have a competitive edge in the following areas:

  •         Our professional product provision system is designed to cater for our client’s customized needs in order to meet their requirements based on their budget.
  •         Our experienced technical staff and trained workers aspire to deliver high quality after-sale services.
  •         Our modern equipment together with the right choice of product enables us to ensure that high quality standards are met and maintained.

Contact Details:

Contact Person: Peter Juma Ombogo

Registered Office: Bamburi Road, Off Enterprise Rd.

P.O Box 4893-00506,

Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254 20 554514, 554523

Cell: 0774 891 421, 0724 007 636


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