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2013 Expo

Ideal Interiors Expo moved to the KICC



The Ideal Interiors Expo was for the first time held at the KICC in July, 2013, having been successfully hosted by The Village Market since 2010 for three years running. The organizers decided to make the change because The Village Market was undergoing construction that prompted the mandatory change.
The location shift was one of the most difficult decisions for Real Wealth Ltd, who contended at first that it would be a huge challenge to move the event from a location that had already been identified with it.
However, the team took the bull by the horns and booked dates at the KICC for the month of May, but the same dates had to be shifted to July 2013 owing to restructuring of the calendar at the KICC.
The success of the event at the KICC was unprecedented, and both the organizers and the exhibitors say it was a timely gesture to have done so. The event is organized every year by Real Wealth Ltd, who are also the publishers of Ideal Interiors East Africa Magazine.