Indexing Modernity

Indexing Modernity

The journey to inspirational living in modern times seems so well captivated by Index Modern Living, a showroom so upbeat with furniture and complementing furnishings. 
Whether one’s home style is classic or contemporary, the chance to refresh your home on a budget with Index Modern Living is soundly evident as one walks into the Nairobi based showroom! The blend of furniture styles to create a unique look with a mix of modern furniture and traditional pieces for all rooms of your home, wholesomely indexes the showroom as one of the most ideal places to start and end the journey while sourcing for trendy and quality furniture.
Big Deal
The warmth that bequeaths the showroom is well graced by Irene Zehnder who is emphatic that furniture at Index Modern Living is a big deal. Since 2015 when the showroom opened to the public and ideally to anyone who values design and style, the challenge has been to cope with the demand for what’s the next new and refreshing designer furniture?
While design appeals to the heart of many, the deliberate move to make the design furniture more accessible and affordable makes Index Modern Living, a showroom worth one’s valuable time. 
Brilliant concepts that result into timeless style define the displays at the showroom. Any home owner looking to infuse some sleek and sophisticated furnishing with a tinge of inspiring décor has an absolute reason to warm-up for Index Modern Living. 
Modern Furniture
These modern furniture pieces are designed to jell with space of preference. They can minimize or maximize your space depending on what you fancy. The furniture is perfect for individuals looking to add some elegance in a space. All items have been developed by well know designers Germany,  Italy and Denmark the result is the best product in terms of aesthetics, quality and affordable prices.
Among the variety of furniture products one would sample at Index Modern living ranges from knock-down-furniture and built-in-furniture. Every space that makes that space homely is taken into account. The bedrooms, living room/family room, dining rooms, home offices and kitchens have a solution that beholds. These are spiced with decorative items, office and outdoor furniture.
The dining table sets stage enviable family gatherings, dinner parties and general merriments that add colour and pomp in while hosting and or entertaining in homes. Getting gorgeous picks for dinning style calls for you to step-out. 
Since the journey to an awesome dinning spot begins from the kitchen Index Modern Living wouldn’t have been complete without a igniting the wow factor in kitchens. The refreshing kitchen design sways one to healthy appetite – it all about the Midas touch. 
Of importance is that products showcased at Index Modern Living are environmentally friendly, they are made from farm trees and not forest-wood. The wood that is used has lowest formaldehyde emissions, and piano high gloss finishing technology that is water based and does not vaporize and cause no irritation to respiratory system.

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