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2016 Expo

Interiors Expo



Each year, every month of March, the trends of interiors are set in East Africa. This year is no exemption. Matching and pairing with the best-of-the-best starts at the Ideal Interiors Expo.

Well, this year marks yet another refreshed start and what better way to kick-off the year by styling the spaces we live, work from and entertain guests. There’s no doubt that the expo  shall have solutions for homes, offices or hotels. All it takes is a deliberate effort to actualize a few simple changes to breathe life into these familiar spaces.

This year’s interior design trending under the theme: Design it Right, Build it Right creates a dramatic impact from simplicity, because the looks are simultaneously bolder and more accessible than ever before.

In a bid to learn more from the best we have in town, Team Ideal carefully chooses a range of prominent trends to feature at the expo. At the show one will therefore get spoilt for choices. We certainly have not cheesy and not overdone spaces. Instead, the show will reflect glamour and trends of sophistication to stick around for a long time to come.

Tips for quality engagement during the Ideal Interiors Expo:-

The top tier interior design trends and stylish room colours to feature at the expo will thus be the interior design trends, modern interior design ideas and colour trends, contemporary furniture, lamps and wall decor

Modern interior trends celebrate personality, serenity and versatility. Unique character and charming details are important trends in decorating homes, offices, public spaces and hotels. Modern interior design ideas are elegant and sophisticated while showing more individuality, creativity and innovation, – architects, designers and interior decorating experts say.

Unique and colourful modern interior design with bright and neutral colours

Fusion of styles, materials and decoration patterns

Mixing old and new interior design ideas and incorporating a fusion of styles into room decor are modern interior trends that create stylish, comfortable and interesting living spaces, connecting the old and fresh. Softly curved lines, organic shapes and natural interior decorating colour schemes with stunning accents dramatically change interior design and decor.

Contemporary kitchen design trends, materials and interior colours

Modern interior decorating materials, salvaged wood, stone and metal are popular and modern interior design materials, especially fabulous rustic wood, natural light wood and exotic types of wood, colourful stained wood, warmly glowing gold and majestic bronze, elegant granite and luxurious marble.

Green wall design, vertical gardens for interior decorating

Metals are mainly combined with other materials in frames and bases of modern chairs, tables, sofas, beds and lighting fixtures. Metal and wood details are modern interior trends for 2016 in classic and contemporary furniture and decor accessories. White marble is the most luxurious stone that define one of the most spectacular and classy interior trends 2016.

Top modern tile design trends

Natural materials, such as stone, wood, metal and glass, dominate modern interior design trends. Natural elements and interior colours, organic shapes and textures represent an eco-friendly, contemporary feeling in design and decor, bringing unique furniture pieces and fusion of styles into creative and personalizes interior design and outdoor rooms.

Modern interior design ideas and colour trends

Natural themes and interior decorating materials, brown colours in bedroom design a mix of wood, metal, glass and leather, weaved baskets and furniture upholstery, plaited details and blends of textures look surprising and stylish. Pre-patinated surfaces on wood and unusual textiles, exotic decoration patterns and ethnic fabric prints, washed linen for sofas, bedding and lampshades and bright accents are modern trends.

Natural themes and organic design

Green spaces with large windows and glass wall design ideas are inspiring interior trends. Green walls, indoor water features, nature inspired decoration patterns, room colours, bright fabric prints, floral wallpaper and vibrant interior paint colours, that bring natural themes into modern interior design, are teamed with fresh shades of green colours, light grey colour tones, beige, black and white decorating colours.

Modern furnishings

Modern furnishings that designed to display flowers and plants are one of modern interior design trends. Bed headboard designs, contemporary chairs and modern tables with integrated plant holders, trellis designs used as room dividers feels natural and perfect for decorating eco homes and eco-friendly working spaces.

Reuse and recycle ideas

Second hand, reuse and recycle ideas are huge sources of inspiration that can be mixed with contemporary furniture to add an individualistic and unique look to modern interior design and decorating.

Versatile designs

Modern interior design trends that celebrate versatility suggest to furnish rooms, offices, public spaces and hotels with modern furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures that work either indoors or outdoors. Organic design ideas and decoration patterns, natural inspired fabric prints, bright interior design colours and pastel tones are versatile elements of modern interiors and outdoor rooms that connect people with the nature and feel natural, pleasant and inviting.