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Edition 07

Iron meets lustrous beauty



“Chummer” derived from the Swahili word “chuma” means iron, described in the dictionary as a heavy, lustrous, silvery white metallic object used in the production of engineering and structural products. By Kelai WANJIRU

With ornamental iron becoming more in vogue today and as properties become more visually appealing, bigger and better designed; external aesthetics and outstanding designs offer endless choices to make one’s establishment as visually appealing as possible.  Hardly can one imagine creating an artistic, beautiful and elegant product from iron, but at Chummer Ltd, ideas are brought to life by experienced iron mongers with a heritage of superb workmanship in ornamental iron, stainless steel and aluminium.

Known to enrich the surroundings with beautiful ironery while at the same time offering a secure environment, the superb designs created by the artisans at Chummer Ltd can easily win awards for beautiful and elegant products made from mere iron.  It is no wonder that the world renowned Turkish producer of aluminium and stainless steel products for residential and commercial use, KAFKASLAR LTD, has appointed Chummer Ltd the sole agent of its products in East Africa.  With the unique approach taken by the artisans in the design and production of custom metal work, international appeal has immensely grown and Chummer Ltd is now a brand set to take the market by storm, thanks to the incorporation of custom metal works that are versatile, inviting and offer security.

From delicate and intricate designs to grand and elaborate features, the custom metal and iron work done at Chummer Ltd that include iron gates, ornamental railing, stainless steel fittings and a wide range of garden furniture offer uniqueness and grant ones property a certain societal stature.  As one chooses from a variety of ornamental iron products, it is amazing to see iron flowers, fruits and a wide array of decorative items made from iron.  The most incredible feature is the ceramic decorative ornaments that can be used distinctively on stair rails, gates and door handles.

At Chummer Ltd, iron work is more than just iron – it is modeling iron to enhance one’s lifestyle with attractive and stylish finishes.  Ornamental iron fittings have a rich heritage that encompasses luxury and magnificence.  Every piece of iron and metal designed at Chummer Ltd has such a superb finishing and every product is manufactured to infuse an aura of elegance and distinction.  An extensive range of ornamental iron products for use comprise of railings, balconies, balusters, gates, curtain rods, furniture and fences among other products offer endless variety to make your development the talk of town.

For those looking to refurbish, renovate or build their homes or business establishments, ornamental iron is the sure way to go.  Made from quality and made to last for years, the products at Chummer Ltd are made to meet the highest standards of excellence in design, durability and functionality.  Designs are created from concept to completion intricately with the utmost attention to detail. Metal is a unique way to portray design statements that will make any establishment stand out from the crowd.

At Chummer Ltd, iron is not just iron and metal work is more than just decorative – it is a model made to any specifications  to create beauty and attraction.  So, talk to “The Iron People” who will design ornamental iron, aluminium and steel works that are sure to convey unique statements that speak originality and elegance.