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It’s all about you



Unsure what colour to paint your living room? Lost when it comes to choosing accessories? The answers might be right inside you! The activities, the art and the environment you prefer all offer a reliable guide to confident decorating choices. Well, for this and more I welcome you to Ideal Interiors.

To have found this copy, you surely are unique. This is your ultimate resource and destination to décor and designer furnishings. It is one platform you’ve been after. A rare find, I dare say owing to its demand.

Captured so real are equally the industry trends that make the interiors world tick with vibrancy. For one, this copy would have never been were it not for its express demand. Thanks to the front-runner interior designers, architects, contractors, home enthusiasts, furnishing and furniture firms and you the reader, to whom we remain profoundly grateful to and promise value.

The big-time beneficiaries of this publication therefore remain the Interior Design Consultants, Furnishing and Furniture Firms, Home and Office Renovators, Developers, Contractors, Architects, Home Owners, Property Buyers, Diplomats and Expatriates without whom this premier edition would not have been a reality.

Thanks to all those who believed in the Interiors Show 2010 where the idea of this magazine was borne. We commend you for the quality engagement decisive buyers. Nothing’s lost to those who couldn’t make it to the show, for now you know – There is a more focussed platform to celebrate the interiors market.

Consumers yearning for aesthetically pleasing technologically advanced and sustain-ably sound breed of creative interiors now have a copy of reference. How about those thirsting for home-technology solutions and landscape re-modelling ideas? Your banquet is here as well.

We take note that consumers are still demanding an infinite array of products, finishes, colours, decorative elements and quality services. On their demand list is fair pricing as well. The interior market powerhouses will continue finding their uniqueness appreciated and interests served.

For those of us yet to identify a particular style this is your copy. For those uncertain about how to proceed on the décor front, this is your copy. For those willing to learn a lot from the articles and style guides, you’ve landed home.

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With an affinity for new, emerging designers and a focus on style, each edition shall share creative ideas and respond to questions you rise to ask all the time.

Let’s make a lifestyle for it’s about you!


Humphrey Odhiambo