Know your LED light

Know your LED light

Creative Innovations is a one-shop stop for a wide range of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting solutions. We represent well known LED brands such as Illumatt, Ozcan, Philips, Liper, Leadsun, Okes, and Civi Light. We possess the expertise and technology that enable us to continually develop and introduce innovative LED lighting to meet the needs of our customers.

Today’s LED technology is ready to be the centre of your decor at home.  Powerful, warm and even, LED is a beauty one must experience and it is innovative too. LEDs have special features that allow creation of stunning light effects.  The variety in LED means there is always a fixture that lets you get the most out of your home. LED technology allows designs that inspire beauty and elevate your home’s ambience. LED is economical too as it leads to cost reduction by lowering the amount of energy utilised and requires almost no maintenance.


Creative Innovations stocks a variety of decorative lighting under the LED range to suit your home decor needs. This range includes both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Indoor lighting consists of pendants, chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, table and floor lamps to enhance the ambience of your interior.

Outdoor lighting includes a range of garden lights that provide you with a brighter alternative for your compound.


LEDs cost too much

LEDs last long thus avoiding maintenance and replacement costs. They also consume far less energy, which reduces the annual power costs up by up to 80%.

LEDs are not bright enough

It often seems that LEDs light lumen output is less than the conventional lights. How much light it delivers to a surface is a better measure as compared to Lumen output.


Creative Innovations has a dedicated qualified team who offer professional advice to the client on various conceptual lighting schemes. We pay a visit to existing and upcoming projects and come up with the right lighting solutions for the specified applications.

Our Contacts are:

Creative Innovations Ltd

Road A, Off Enterprise

Industrial Area, Nairobi

T: 0733 881 731



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