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LG’s new cinema



HOTPOINT APPLIANCES LTD  has launched their range of LG Cinema 3D and Smart TVs in the Kenyan market. LG CINEMA 3D TVs offer the first ‘flicker free’ 3D picture in the industry, along with more comfortable glasses, a brighter picture and a wider viewing angle. Together, these features make it more comfortable for viewers to enjoy 3D content in the company of family and friends. 

The outstanding 3D viewing experience begins with a picture that is practically blur and flicker free. Via a polarized film attached to the screen, the set separates the picture into images aimed at either the left or the right eye. Those images are then matched up with CINEMA 3D glasses specially designed to receive each image, creating an outstandingly smooth 3D picture.

Because LG CINEMA 3D glasses don’t need to be shuttered, the 3D images are also entirely free of flicker. This advance has earned the TV ‘Flicker Free’ certification from Intertek and TÜV, two world-renowned certification agencies based in Europe, making it the world’s first 3D TV to receive the designation. With such a smooth picture, the TVs practically eliminates the feelings of dizziness or eye fatigue that could occur with previous 3D TVs, meaning viewers can enjoy 3D content for longer and in greater comfort.

The Cinema 3D TVs also come with 4 pairs of comfortable and affordable 3D glasses. Tipping the scales at just 16 grams, the glasses have no electrical parts, so they are free of electromagnetic waves and never need to be recharged. The glasses’ reasonable price also means viewers can buy as many pairs as they need for friends and family.

Further ramping up the picture quality is LG’s 3D Light Boost, a thin film covering the screen that ensures 3D images are shown at full brightness. By counteracting any dimness that can sometimes occur with 3D content, 3D Light Boost creates brighter, clearer images for a superior 3D viewing experience.

Thanks to its Wide Viewing Angle, CINEMA 3D TVs are ideal for watching 3D with big groups of friends or family, while sitting or lying down in practically any spot in front of the TV. The TV can also convert 2D content into high quality 3D, so viewers will never be short of things to watch in 3D.

LG Smart TV combines LG’s expertise in home entertainment and internet technology to create a TV that is highly advanced yet extremely simple. Under the theme of “Simple Control over Your Home Entertainment Experience,” LG Smart TV offers a range of features that make it the most intuitive, accessible, and easy to use on the market. With its “Simple Control” features, users can access the full range of TV apps and premium content in seconds.

LGs unique Home Dashboard lets viewers see and access all the content and services LG Smart TV provides on a single screen, making life easy for users. With just a single click on the Home Dashboard, users can find whatever content they want.

Thanks to LG’s intuitive Magic Motion Remote Control, viewers can simply move and click an on-screen cursor rather than having to fiddle about with rows of button. With its Drag & Drop function, LG’s remote makes it as easy and direct to navigate TV as it is to use a mouse with a PC.

With Smart Share, LG Smart TV allows simple and seamless connectivity between all compatible digital devices, making it easy to transfer and share content between TVs and external HDDs, USB memories, PCs and smartphones. Also, using the Media Link connection, Smart Share provides additional info – such as synopses, actor/actress profiles and viewer ratings – on any PC-stored TV shows or films as users watch them.

LG Smart TV will further enrich people’s lives through a range of lifestyle-focused Premium Content. The set-up is expressly aimed at families, who will be able to enjoy all the content they want in the comfort of their own living room.

With LG Smart TV, families can experience a new and fresh entertainment experience, along with high-value services, through a range of TV-oriented apps available shortly through the LG App Store.

Initial bundle offers for the range of LG Cinema 3D and Smart TVs are available in 42 and 47 inches as below:

LW5700 – Cinema 3D and Smart TV – Total 10 pairs of glasses, Magic Motion Remote and Wi-Fi Dongle provided free

LW4500 – Cinema 3D – Total 10 pairs of glasses provided free

LV3710 – Smart TV – Magic Motion Remote and Wifi Dongle provided free

This offers customers a wide range to choose from and ensures that the latest technology available globally is now available to Kenyan consumers.