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Lighting Solutions Limited provides you with the optimum solution for all your lighting needs. Whether building new or redesigning your home, come talk to us to understand the modern way of Lighting Up Your Life!

The Ilight product range by Cooper Controls provides the ultimate lighting control system designed to provide total freedom in lighting design. Controlling the light in your home can enhance the character and feature of every room. Several different settings can be programmed within any room to cater for different uses- dining, reading, entertaining or watching a movie. Set the scene- use different lighting levels to create your own personal space. Timed events ensure that interiors and exterior lighting is switched on in time for when you return home can be used to replicate normal lighting patterns whilst you are away. Through integration with other control systems iLight can control your complete environment (lighting, AV, temperature control, curtains and blinds etc) all from the touch of a button.

Lighting Solutions Ltd, Suite 27, Mobil Plaza, Nairobi , Tel: 020-2317548, PO Box 41-00606, Nairobi ,