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In the serene, calm and quiet surroundings of the Aberdare Hills Golf Resort, lies an unmistakably luxurious golf course that’s as close to nature and wildlife as can possibly be.  As told by Kelai WANJIRU, the deluxe golf course offers an unrivalled view of the Great Rift Valley’s escarpment while offering a whole new level of luxurious golfing.

Located just an hour’s drive from Nairobi, this beautiful piece of development deserves only the best golf course. Set in the most scenic countryside of East Africa, the golf course will lend itself to today’s families and future generations by being a course filled with unmatched natural beauty that epitomizes the game of golf and creates a lifestyle to envy.

When completed residents and guests at the golf course will be treated to a feast on the lush Aberdare ranges and catch a glimpse of the diverse wildlife that graze freely on the escarpment and watch magnificent species of birds that fly overhead Lake Naivasha.  The Golf course which is in the first phase of the development by Panda Development Company Limited, is an 18 hole golf course built and designed to international and USGA championship specifications by world renowned Golf Design & Consultancy, David Jones.

Built with a commitment to the protection, preservation and careful management of natural resources and the environment, the Aberdare Hills Golf Resort  will be a sight to behold and is set to greatly transform Naivasha town.  It crosses deep gorges and runs along wild river valleys.  Natural features have been created around the course with dramatic stream systems running through a series of cascades and lakes to infuse nature in the development.  In the challenging and breathtaking course, a wide set of tees will give every golfer a magnificent backdrop where the green expanse offers unspoiled and dramatic views.

With attention to detail the Resort has been designed to bring out the beauty that will be mesmerizing to all. The designer bridge that connects the golf course to the villas there are no words to talk of the experience except pure awe and bliss.  The course is designed and built to compliment the natural surroundings of the Aberdare Hills while maintaining the unique character of the resort and completely drawing the inhabitants to an eco-friendly way of life..  Golfing at the Aberdare Hills Golf Resort will provide luxury and conditioning standards.

Each par in the golf course is designed to sit on a wide expanse and is individually designed for every kind of golfer.  The inviting fairways have generous landing areas with some pars located on gorges like the massive Malewa gorge, the game of golf will take on a whole new meaning with the rare  and memorable holes all built into one single round of golf.

Whether you are an amateur or professional golfer, you are sure to remember the experience for a lifetime.  Reflecting the grandeur of the golf resort, in settings of the breathtaking ranges and the soft breeze from Lake Naivasha, the luxury golf course offers a superior experience that can only be found at Kenya’s first 5 star world class Golf Resort – The Aberdare Hills Golf Resort.