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Edition 11

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This edition of Ideal Interiors brings an exciting and stylish voice to the world of home, office and hotel interior design and décor. It’s a copy on demand. Reason? The timing of its circulation makes major reference to the 4th Ideal Interiors Expo an annual eagerly awaited event in East Africa.

Well, while publication offers you advice ranging from design trends and decorating projects to renovation solutions to business opportunities in the interiors marketplace, the expo enhances your connection with industry players the creative world of interiors.

Allow me note that our world of interiors is highly progressive. Many of us have only seen and experienced only a dot of what makes interiors experiential. Life must be good. Spaces must therefore be inspiring. Is yours exciting? If so; to what extent?

Quality and attention

When my colleagues; Sam (creative designer), Jenny (marketing team-leader) and Oliver (editor) prompted me to manage this first ever interiors publication in East Africa as its first managing editor my desire was to keep the title authoritative, relevant, lavish – and unpredictable. Like most of us, I’ve squarely learnt that quality and attention to detail are paramount in our worthy world of interiors. Our readers appreciate this.

By extensively highlighting on what makes a particular space appealing; we in each edition elaborate on mix of issues that makes that interiors spot appealing. This edition thus covers by introducing new high-flying interior design insiders and passionate industry captains – without compromising the magazine’s spirit of originality.

This edition in effect, turns out more than just an ideas issue. We’ve called it Kitchen Edition. It dwells on thrilling kitchens – the heart of every home. While offering you the solutions, it also dwells on who to really connect with to actualize the kitchen of your choice. Elegant photography and beautifully designed pages gives you a glimpse of the kitchen you so much desire.

The must-have lifestyle

And since Ideal Interiors is the must-have lifestyle magazine, advocating for interior design excellence; nurturing an interior design community; maintaining a high informative standard; and supporting its readers with visionary leadership, the publication shall uphold its quest of helping to reveal new design talent through a variety of trade show involvement and Interior Design/Architecture competitions honoring national and Eastern Africa based talents.

In the foregoing, make a statement. Ask the questions? Share the ideas.

Solutions are with us!

Humphrey Odhiambo

Managing Editor