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The evolvement of kitchens and bathrooms have beckoned for more creative works that squarely border on comfort and nostalgic appeal as depicted by Winnie LAU pointing-out that this special areas are changing dynamics in the laundry-space.

REMODELERS AND HOME BUILDERS have over the last few years gotten serious about bathrooms and kitchens. They’ve risen to the challenge of creating award winning wet areas in residential and formal work areas. Kitchens and baths are certainly stealing the show. They’ve steadily evolved and have since become comfortable and appealing.

Mmh! As this continues to play out well I think we may have however forgotten the all important laundry room which many homeowners increasingly consider it to be a key part of the home. Quality has gained momentum.

This being one of the most functional rooms in the house; it requires care. Among the first and most important products you need in this space are a washer and dryer. There are still many important decisions that must go into selecting the laundry products and with the help of a trained interior designer they can assist you to create a space that’s completely your own.

Here are a few simple and practical ideas to help you make your laundry room a better and more inviting place.

1          The View

Put-up a full size window with a view; preferably into the back yard. This makes sense, as recent scientific evidence shows that light has an enormous impact on people’s moods.

2          Good Task Lighting

Forget darkness and clamminess. Good lighting is important! Ever try to match socks in poor light? Some people prefer incandescent lighting, to minimize glare, but the most important element is that the lighting be uniform throughout the work area.

3          Easy Access

No more hiding behind closed doors trying to keep everyone from discovering the “mess”. Laundry rooms need to move away from hiding the washer and dryer in the distant, dark depths of some other room. In fact, prospective homeowners often look for a home where the laundry is on the main level. A favorite location for a laundry room is either in or right off of the kitchen.

4          Easy Sorting System

Another useful design feature for a laundry room is the installation of sorting bins. Labeled baskets are a great way to sort laundry and it makes the work easier: “hand wash,” “permanent press,” “whites,” “cold wash,” and “colors,” among others. Laundry rooms become more functional if organized. Use clear jars for clothespins, sewing items, and detergent. Choose various heights to add interest.

5          Plenty of Folding Space

A good laundry room will also provide a wide, flat area for folding. A countertop surface in front of that full size window is ideal. The larger this folding area the better, and it should be away from the inevitable loose lint on top of the dryer.

6          Room to Hang

Plenty of hanging space is a must. With so many of today’s clothes requiring drip-drying, make sure the hanging rods are near the floor drain. Use plastic hangers as they don’t rust and they are not as inclined as wire hangers to get tangled.

7          The Comeback of Ironing

Finally, don’t neglect the ironing board. Ironing is making a comeback as the era of wash-and-wear gives way to the era of specialized fabrics and finishes. Many people like boards that fold-up into a panel on the wall. These fold-up units often have a light, an electrical outlet, and a space to keep the iron and supplies out of the way.

And Finally…. laundry rooms can be decorated in various styles. It being a low-traffic area, you can paint it in a vibrant color that draws you in or a soothing neutral color that calms you while you work. Consider adding murals and accessories to add interest and make the room more homely and welcoming…..Happy cleaning!!!

The writer is the head of interior design at Fab Unique Interiors, Nairobi.