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Marvel your windows



Evidently, curtains are becoming design features rather than simply devices to keep the light out and  provide privacy. Effectively, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change the look and feel of the room is to change the window treatments a service that Marvel Lifestyle is passionately rendering with prided blinds made from the qualitative raw material and high density fabrics that are naturally reinventing rooms.

As curtains bring character into living spaces, Marvel Lifestyle, one of East Africa’s undisputed window treatment-powerhouses is making a significant mark in styling-up homes, offices and hotels since plunging into the market two years ago.

The company’s bid to offer awesome range of curtains that tell more about the user’s personality and taste has prompted various leading designer outlets to partner with it – a move that has since made the firm stay on toes with refreshing curtain ideas and window makeovers.

The company’s bid to match with awesome range of curtains that tell more about the user’s personality and taste has prompted various leading interior design shops to partner with it – a move that has since made the firm stay on toes with refreshing window makeovers.

“Stepping-out into the world of Marvel Lifestyle, fascinates one’s shopping experience considering that we are able to customize window treatment products for varied budgets,” says Mr. Bharat Thacker, the company’s managing director. To sustain the tempo of gorgeous curtains, the window-treatment and dressing experts are clearly sending to homes, hotels and offices the clear message that spaces cannot do without blinds that measure with long lasting lifestyle.

 Protective and light controlled

Among the products offered by the furnishing company include fabric roller, bamboo, wood, aluminum venetian and vertical blinds in addition to curtain rods and tracks. Most of these blinds absorb sounds, improving your room’s acoustics. Just as sun screen protects our skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, Marvel Blinds gently filter the glare and protect our room interior and add to the life span of valuable possessions. Virtually every Marvel blinds filters out from 75% to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays when installed.

Marvel blinds are available in a wide array of materials and colours, in arrange of opacities from sheer to opaque that offer varying degrees of privacy and light control options. our sheers and other select styles are also specially designed to diffuse and draw light deeper into the room and illuminate your Home and Office the natural way while reducing the need for artificial or electrical lighting. Marvel Blind creates more comfortable working or living environment because of rejecting 80 per cent of unwanted heat gain.

As a leading supplier of poles Marvel Lifestyle ensures that the right match is made to enhance the features of a room. It also offers a range of coordinating holdbacks designed to complement a range of stunning curtain poles. “Our quality range consists of metal curtain poles, wooden curtain poles and bay window curtain poles, all at the best possible prices,” says Thacker adding that buying curtain poles is easy, since all of their poles are thoroughly checked and tested for quality.

 Aesthetic value

Since windows add the aesthetic value of your home and can do a lot to either spoil or add taste to the décor of your home Marvel Lifestyle swung with speed to stock a wide range of window treatments in selected outlets. With showrooms in Nairobi’s major Nakumatt Supermarkets; Westgate Shopping Mall, Junction Mall and Prestige Mall, the store reaches thousands of consumers every day. The showcase of curtains, fixes and fittings pose an invigorating sight into the shopping malls as well as in other interior design outlets that have equally partnered with Marvel Lifestyle. The partners include; Antarc Furniture, Classic Mouldings, Furniture Palace, Henry West Furniture, Odds &Ends and Nishit &Company plus Spiegel Interiors among others. According to Thacker, window blinds and curtains are a design feature of the home and this is what Marvel Lifestyle would like to educate office and home owners. “Your window should not have just the normal curtain and simplistic blind,” he says while passionately stressing that window blind is about a quality lifestyle.

 Elegance and style

Thacker is emphatic that windows are the focal point of any living space, so one has to make sure they are dressed in a manner that speaks your taste and design style. Visit any of the showrooms and experience the sheer bliss of dressed windows as you seek to give your windows a refreshing make-over. The blinds, which offer elegance and style, come in many designs and colours all suited to different rooms in the home. The blinds offer superior UV protection and superb sound absorption features, which means once you put up a blind from Marvel Lifestyle, your furniture and accessories are well protected, and furthermore, you will be safe from unnecessary noise. For those looking to give their homes a contemporary look, the way to go is blinds. Whether you choose roman, vertical, horizontal or roller blinds, the warm colours and sleek look create an elegant and timeless look that brings your room together in a unique way. Easy to maintain and long lasting, blinds from Marvel Lifestyle are proving to be very popular.

The roller blinds are particularly handy and are very practical for the office. Bamboo blinds are more relevant for homes and hotels because they have a visual appeal and are designed to attract the eye.



Marvel Fabric Roller Blinds: Created and woven from high quality, high density fibres such as 100% cotton, Polyester-cotton blended fabrics and 100% polyester fabrics having very high tearing strength. Special acrylic coating provides resistance to cracking and fraying.

 Marvel Bamboo Blinds: These are natural bamboo blinds which have been prepared from superior raw material of natural bamboo, which have been knitted perfectly with cord. Their translucency depends on how each design has been crafted.

Marvel Vertical Blinds: Marvel Vertical blinds are the most stylish, and affordable choice for patio doors and other large windows. Marvel Aluminum Venetian Blinds: Versatile Marvel Venetians are the perfect blind for creating a modern and uncluttered effect in your home. One can choose from wide range of colours across a variety of slat widths for customisation.

 Marvel Wood Blinds: Marvel Wood Blinds is a luxurious collection of handcrafted, basswood venetian blinds that reflect the beauty and elegance of nature. One can choose from stunning wood collections – Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany and Redwood.

Marvel Curtain Rods and Tracks

From brass to stainless steel , gold, matt or wood finish, in legend and antique designs, the Marvel curtain rods are likely to make the work of window dressing all the more simpler. These rods come in different designs, colours and sizes to suit different styles.

Tracks come in form of I-Track, Power tracks, Corded Tracks and Extendable rods. The Topper Valance is a cheaper option to those who love Pelmets/Curtain Boxes and they are also available in different sizes.