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The IDEAL INTERIORS EXPO is organized and managed by Ideal Interiors East Africa Limited, a media company that specializes in professional Event Management, PR Consultancy and Publishing.

Under the Event Management division, Ideal Interiors East Africa Limited organizes events on its own behalf and on behalf of clients. The IDEAL INTERIORS EXPO is an initiative by Ideal Interiors East Africa Limited, and whose execution will follow a path of attention to detail, thoroughness, timeliness and exceptional excellence. With a dedicated team of highly competent personnel who have worked in the industry for years, and who embody exemplary skills and experience, the Ideal Interiors Show is bound to be a show-stopper.

The organizers have previously organized and managed the Mombasa Homes Expo, the Wealth Expo, the Real Estate Investors’ Forum, Symposium on Low-cost Housing among other events. These events have had huge amounts of success due to the kind of resources and organization that went towards their execution.

The organizers are also behind flagship events which include the Land Investments Expo, the Ideal Hospitality Expo among others.

Ideal Interiors East Africa are the publishers of the Ideal Interiors Magazine as well as the Ideal Hospitality Magazine.

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