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Metallic touch



You don’t need to live in a palace to enjoy the beauty of a shimmering gold frame, silver accessories or bronze statues. Decorating your living room with metallics, whether in their true form, or mimicked in fabric, is a great way to add edge and sophistication to your home, writes Oliver ODHIAMBO. 

Choose a few key pieces, or turn your living room into a melting pot of gold, silver and bronze by following this breakdown of the best ways to decorate with metallics.

Pillows: Pillows are one of the easiest ways to throw a splash of metallics into your living room. Try adding a gold, bronze or silver pillow on an armchair, or bundle two or three of the metallic shades on couches. Whether they’re smooth, shiny vinyl, painted leather or simply metallic fabric weaved into beautiful patterns, these pillows add an instant, but easily removed, touch of metal to the room. Speigel Interiors has in recent months introduced a range of such fabric, which has been received well by target customers.

Frames: A classic way to display metallics, frames offer the perfect place to play up your living room’s style. For the traditional look, best for formal living rooms, choose an ornate gold frame for photos, paintings or mirrors. Look for styles with intricate detailing and flair, playing up the gold’s innate decadence. Place the frame above the fireplace, behind a couch, or on a wall facing the entryway to the living room for a dramatic entrance. For less formal living rooms, try bronze or silver frames in subdued styles to better reflect the more relaxed style.

Tables: Tables are a great way to add unexpected pops of metal in your living room. If you’re going for a drastic addition of metallics, paint your main coffee table gold, silver or bronze. For a less dramatic impact, try a side table, plant-stand or any one of the smaller tables in your living room. The unexpected yet stylish metallic paint will instantly make your table look more like a work of art instead of furniture, and highlight any accessories and decorations you place on it.

Walls and Ceilings: For a more permanent addition of metallics, consider painting with metals. Striking metallic paint is available at most hardware stores, allowing you to create an entire wall of gold, silver or bronze. Again, select the shade that best reflects the style of your living room. For a more delicate touch, paint crown molding, chair rails or baseboards with the metallic paint of your choice. For intricate detailing on molding, hire a professional to precisely paint on the metallic paint. The result will be well worth the money.

Decorations: Like pillows, adding metallic decorations is a great way to easily and non-permanently introduce metals into your living room. Find vases, bowls, trays, candleholders and statues to place around the room. Your mantel, coffee table and side tables are the best spots for displaying metallic decorations, which can be mixed. Placing gold with silver and bronze is a great way to add dimension and blend styles.

Mix with Colour: One great way to help metallics blend with your living room is to pair them with specific shades of colour. For each metallic, consider placing them with the following colour combinations:

* Gold pairs well with black, blue, purple and white

* Silver pairs well with blue, white and black

* Bronze pairs well with green, brown, muted orange and tan

Decorating your living room with metallics is a great way to add a fun touch of style, edge or sophistication. Select the appropriate metal shade for the theme of your living room, and introduce small, moderate or drastic levels of metallics with the right decorations and accents.