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Mobilcasa’s way and style



The effort of tailor-making furniture to fit your home, hotel and extra-ordinarily fashioned office takes precedence at Mobilcasa Furniture, a company that has just powered its way into relocation services under the banner of Amazing Movers.

Largely in the field of customizing furniture for clients, the preference of Mobilcasa is to use solid mahogany furniture, which according to the establishment’s director Bernard Mulei creates a whole horde of fun. “It is great to work with clients who know exactly what they want from the wood,” he says.

When one really likes one of Mobilcasa’s wardrobes but, unfortunately, it is a little too big for their room, the firm is delighted to custom make it to a size that suits the desired space says Mulei.

On the other hand, you may have a picture, identified from a stylish interiors magazine, of your dream bed and having searched high and low you have been unable to find it in any shop, Mobilcasa’s way is to recreate it for you at a very affordable price, says Mulei.

By virtue of working with very experienced joinery experts who are only too happy to assist, the company has speedily grown its wings to Uganda, where hard-wood furniture is evidently appreciated.

The firm produces detailed drawings which can be altered as many times by the client before the job is done and delivered by Amazing Movers. Mulei however asserts: “We won’t start any work on your behalf until you have approved both the drawing and the price. It couldn’t be any easier.”