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Natural wood! Natural furniture




Furniture trend for this season is bringing the outdoors in through the use of natural hardwoods.  For a trendy look, one can mimic the look by selecting wood furniture with unique curves or pieces that highlight the natural texture of the wood. 

“It is never a surprise to see hardwood show up in what’s trending all over in interiors.  After all, hardwood is a natural material that is essential throughout the house – any style of house in cabinetry as well as furniture.

Inspired by Mother Nature, furniture designers at MobilCasa are thrilled to make furniture using hardwoods in both traditional and modern forms. They in this regard accentuate the organic curves, movement and form of the natural material in their showrooms.

“When we opened our doors, our mission was to make beautiful, high-quality furniture,” says BenardMulei, MD MobilCasa Furniture.  “I think so far, we have succeeded,” he enthuses.  Mulei is exceedingly proud of his company and its products. “All of our products are produced locally by highly skilled craftspeople.

Today the company makes a lot of items ranging from elegant dining tables to elaborate, custom-made sofas. Every piece is lovingly hand-finished to produce a magical item that is a pleasure to touch and own.

MobilCasa was initially in Nairobi but later on opened a branch in Uganda.  “The opening up of the new branch was necessitated by our need to serve the Ugandan market following the high demand for hardwood furniture in that country.

The idea of taking the business regional was a good business decision according to Mulei.  He says that they had been receiving a great deal of orders from Uganda through their Nairobi office which comprised of furniture for hotels and residential property as the real estate sector in Uganda was experiencing phenomenon growth.  “Now that we are in Uganda, we are able to tap into this market and it is working.  Ugandans have good taste and are upbeat about hardwood products.

As a whole, the MD prompts customers to visit any of the MobilCasa showrooms in Nairobi or Kampala.  “We encourage you to look around and touch the furniture. Our sales people are there to guide you through our vast product line and the process of creating your special piece of furniture,” says Mulei.

With hardwood as a prominent trend in home furnishings right now, MobilCasa is a valuable partner for those looking to incorporate high value with their spaces. One of the great things about hardwood is that even as design trends come and go, solid hardwood furniture will last a lifetime and can be refurbished for a new look, Mulei asserts.