New Products Showcase

New Products Showcase

Every expo attendee visits the New Product Showcase to find the innovative & new products.

Exhibitor, Your participation is a perfect way to highlight your newest additions, provide all of these attendees a first-look at what’s new in the marketplace.

Attendees, this should be your first stop before heading to the exhibits and demonstration areas. Here, you’ll get an overview of what’s new on the show floor. The New Product Showcase is the one-stop shop for all that is new!

Reasons to Enter New Product Showcase

  • Spotlight – The New Products Showcase is the number one destination of attending buyers and media.
  • First Entry Freebie: There is no charge for your first product entry in the Showcase.
  • Booth Traffic: Participation in the Showcase is a proven booth traffic driver.
  • More Products, More Savings: Additional entries are just 7500/= if entered before December 31, 2016, and 15,000/= thereafter.


EXHIBITORS: Attend the Ideal Interiors Expo Briefing to learn more about this new section. Be sure to fill up your New Products and/or Featured Products application form.

Step 1: Gentlemen, Start Your Scanners…
ATTENDEES: Head on over to the New Products Showcase.

EXHIBITORS: Want to feature your products in the New Products Showcase? Head on over to the registration form and get your products signed up! If you didn’t already know, your first product registration is free – so there’s really no excuse NOT to.

Step 2: Scan It Like You Stole It
ATTENDEES: Walk around and scan all the products you’re interested in. This is your shot to research all the new products our exhibiting companies offer, and it’s all in one place. There’s no limit, go crazy!

Step 3: Shop It Like It’s Hot
ATTENDEES: The QR codes scanned will contain key information on how to locate and contact the exhibitors who manufacture or stock the products you’re interested in.

EXHIBITORS: Deliver your products onsite at the Interiors Expo during the New Products Showcase check-in hours (see: Rules & Regs).

Step 4: With Great Data, Comes Great Profitability
ATTENDEES: You scanned it like you stole it, you dropped it like it was hot, now it’s time to track down those exhibiting companies on the show floor and get some face-to-face time to learn more about the products you’re interested in!


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