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Panesar’s leap to new heights



Long known for classic furniture and Décor combined with a rich heritage, Panesar’s continues to be the finest producer of traditional hand-crafted furniture since its inception in East Africa over 60 years ago writes Kelai WANJIRU

Walking through the doors of Panesars’ fabulous showroom in Nairobi, one can hardly imagine how this has remained a well-kept secret for 62 years. Panesars, a name synonymous with high standards of handcrafted furniture is crowned by a vision that is matured by superb craftsmanship.

Founded in 1948 by the late Kundan Singh Panesar, the stature of the establishment has since the humble beginnings graduated to become the best solid wood furniture maker in East Africa. 

Bespoke furniture

Every piece of quality furniture sets the exquisite feel and passion of Panesars. The true essence of turning ordinary wood into exceptional pieces that would transform any space into an enviable living area prides the Panesars. It’s thus one of the remaining indigenous furniture companies that produce bespoke furniture materials.

For anyone looking for original wood furniture with style and elegance, Panesars stands out owing to years focused on making furniture from the finest natural hardwood sourced from mature trees.  The firm believes in being eco-friendly as evidenced with its work that surpasses all environmental standards.

Iron-fit for royalty

The fabric and textile materials are designed to make anyone feel like a king or queen.  As you choose the perfect furniture, the company is on hand to match your choice to the most exquisite furnishings.

From a casual contemporary look to a classic look with all the extra touches for a more formal setting, Panesars gives the option to tailor-made upholstery to your favourite style.

In this regard, Panesar is able to offer a wide range of suitable, quality fabrics and leather, appropriate linings and accessories, to put the final finishing touches to our range of upholstery, draperies and bed-coverings.

Durable and unique, the hand-styled iron products at Panesars are designed to make a statement that is worth its while in any building. From stair rails and cases, to gates, balcony and veranda rails Panesars range are as diverse as its wood products.

Architecture that meets perfection

It is fascinating how Panesar has combined architectural and industrial design elements to achieve a distinctively sophisticated statement. Work at Panesars not only constitutes of the manufacture of furniture, but also includes renovation of interiors, building related works, office partitioning, tiling and sanitary works.

Well known for the attention to detail, Panesars have undertaken the refurbishment and renovation of a number of prominent buildings in the region.  The recently opened Heart and Cancer wing of the Aga Khan University Hospital was furnished by Panesars. As one walks through the doors of the hospital, it would be easy mistake it for a six-star hotel.

Equally under Panesars refined touch is the now popular “The Grand Dame of African Hotels” – The Polana Serena Hotel in Maputo – Mozambique, where it artistically furnished the premise with high quality furniture.

Huge projects

Panesars have also undertaken huge projects such as the extensive rehabilitation of part of the Central Bank of Kenya building where it supplied top of the range executive furniture. The office of Kenya’s Prime Minister is equally a big beneficiary of the quality workmanship that makes the Panesars’ name.

Today, whether one needs a house plan from floor to ceiling, the Panesars technical team are confident to deliver it and further share ideas that would help the client avoid the costly errors.

Prices are based on the quality craftsmanship and tradition of service that stands behind each piece of furniture. The firm’s goal is to give you the best value for your investment.

We know what it takes to turn the ordinary into the exceptional; a combination of exquisite design, superior quality material and superior artistry.

Long known for classic furniture and décor combined with a rich heritage, Panesars continues to be the finest producer of traditional hand-crafted furniture since its inception in East Africa over 60 years ago writes KelaiWanjiru.


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