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Parliament’s new interiors



The refurbishment of Kenya’s new parliament debating chambers is now set to be concluded in March next year.

Completion of the Ksh 949 million works was due in April last year but was delayed owing to a tendering dispute, according to Kefa Osoro from the Ministry of Public Works.

Project managers assured the Parliamentary Budget Committee and the Parliamentary Service Commission during a tour of the debating chamber that it would be ready before the House resumes sittings after the Christmas break.

It has also emerged that the delivery of 352 seats, currently being built by the Kenya Prisons Department should be done by February. Earlier on, a Spanish company earmarked to supply the seats was disqualified when it was realized that its local partners did not have the capacity to do the work.

Osoro said the delay was caused by the additional works like the studio, and the switching room. The increase in the number of the seats was also part of the reasons.

Each of the seats will cost Ksh 200,000 against an initial price tag of Ksh 400,000. The chamber will have state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment plus electronic voting gadgets, to make it easy for MPs to participate in the proceedings from the comfort of their seats.