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PBL was established in 1964 and has always viewed quality as one of its priorities behind every project large or small as there is a dream. Great brands are not just born; they are made, over time, through service to the consumer. Market leadership is acquired through product quality, fine styling and the ability to satisfy the tastes of different cultures. PBL, have gained the experience to develop an unravelled, cherished reputation for the products it distributes. Our aim is to ensure that our performance levels, customer care and product reliability continue to regard as the benchmark for the industry. We believe that lights or finishing material are not just pieces; they are the elements to express emotion & passion. Products are like our companions, which give us pleasure & peace. Vibrant colours of materials add zest to our life. We at PBL take extra care in choosing the right company & the right kind of fixtures that are more than just lights, accessories or a finishing product.

Brands we distribute:

  • • BG Electrical Accessories – UK
  • • EGLO Decorative Lighting – Austria
  • • EGi XENON Low voltage Lighting – Spain
  • • MARECO LUCE Outdoor Lighting – Italy
  • • Harmony Commercial / Domestic Lighting – China
  • • BOEN Hardwood Flooring – Norway
  • • TREND Glass Mosaic – Italy
  • • RAGNO Ceramic Tiles – Italy
  • • HANSA Sanitary Fittings – Germany
  • • VITRABLOK Glass Block – Italy
  • • SCAVOLINI Kitchen Units – Italy